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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shaun Cassidy Part 2

I was swooning this evening.
Shaun Cassidy came out of hiding- just for Oprah.
He was a gentleman. He was kind. He was wonderful.
No book or record (wow, that dates me) to sell. Oprah asked
and he obliged.
He said that when he meets fans he is able to see the "9 year
old little girl in a 42 year old woman's eyes." Wow.
Where has he been? He is a TV producer and lives on 2 acres in
LA with his wife and children. They have a farm of sorts with
rescued animals. Horses, pigs and yes, tortoises.
I had forgotten what it was like to be 9 years old but today it all
came back to me.
Thanks Shaun. You were all I remember and more.


Tristan said...

wow!! he's awesome!

Shawnee said...

Oh, I loved him as a kid, too! Him and Parker Stevenson ...

theUngourmet said...

Oh I wish I would have seen this! When I was a young girl, my cousin Lisa and I wrote a fan letter to him. My mom bought me one of his albums for my birthday one year too. :)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

That is awesome! I remember him from the Hardy Boys--oh la la!

Unknown said...

I loved him too!



April said...

I've watched the show several times over...and, yes, I even got tears in my eyes. He seemed like the nicest, most grounded person ever. I was totatlly blown away! I think I like him better now than I did back then. His voice sounded great! Like you, for a little while, I was young, once more...and it felt WONDERFUL! Thanks for the memories, Shaun!

val said...

awww! I always liked him :-)
I watched him and Parker Stevenson on the Hardy Boys....oh, that takes me back!

Robin Beck said...

You are too cute!
Love you,

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

*Sigh* I sure did love Shaun and Parker!

Sherri said...

What a lovely post Lori! I loved him when I was growing up! Sounds like he has a wonderful life and how wonderful he came on Oprah and didn't want anything!!

Georgia Girl said...

Lori, I thought of you when I watched this the other day. Loved this show so much. Your right, I felt like a teenage girl all over for this hour. I loved his brother, David. I also loved Peter Framton...I still have his ticket stubb from where I saw him in concert.
I have missed blogging...hope I am back now since I am feeling so much better.
Have a wonderful day!

PS...been reading back and the girls are growing up so fast. Gosh a little over two years here and how things change.