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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Summer Swap for the Kids!!!

I'm dreaming of a new swap....  I don't know about you, but my girls are getting pretty jealous of all the fun packages arriving with MY name on them!  Actually, they are truly happy for me, but we all like to get a package with our name on it, don't we?:-)  
        This swap involves making/buying a few items that you think your child's partner would enjoy during the summer.  Perhaps a good book, a fun recipe, cute flip flops, bubbles, a bug catcher, etc.  The ideas are endless and I know how creative you are!  Get your kids involved- they will love it!  Please spend no more than $15/person, not including postage.  I will take sign ups until June 11th and you should send your package by July 11th.  This is going to be such fun!!!

****HOW TO SIGN UP:  Please leave a comment and include your blog name and/or e-mail address, so I have a way to contact you.****

***Make sure and sign up for my Button Necklace Giveaway!  You must leave a comment on my Better Later then Never! entry below....   The deadline is next Sunday, the 8th!***


Kemma said...

This sounds like fun. I bet my daughter would like to get in on this. I've never done a swap, though. I hope I don't disappoint. What would our kids be to each other, anyways? Second cousins? Thirds?

Genevieve said...

I hear you my 7 year old gets deeply depressed every time I get a swap package and she does not!Count me in !

tyketto said...

I'm game as well. This will be my second swap but my first for kids. I think it will be a nice way to give them a surprise and a treat during the summer! bethvanduzer@yahoo.com / life-is-a-musical.blogspot.com

Sherry said...

My kids would love to do this!! Actually, my seven year old was talking about why somebody didn't have a swap for kids to make stuff for each other. Every time a package comes they're like, "oh, it's for mom" This is great!!


Michie said...

I've never done a swap on a blog before. This sounds like fun, but my little one is only three. Is that too young for this kind of thing? I'm not a definite - just curious.

Michie said...

Ok, sign me and my little one up. I've never done this before - but I'm a big kid, so we should be able to figure it out, right?

Deb Bry & Miranda said...
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mysteryhistorymom said...
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