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Monday, December 3, 2012

(Not) Full of Grace

I learned a bit about myself over Thanksgiving.

1. I'm crabby. more often than needed.
2. I'm not (often) full of grace.
3. I worry. a lot.

Thankfully, I have family members that shine brightly even when I'm unable.

Beauty and love surrounded us.
I was lifted above the peace that was just not attainable.

I've never been prouder of my girls.
My husband was a rock of support.
My parents were absolutely full of grace.

The smiles you see here are very real as most chose to rise above the situation.
Some even got silly and this lightened the mood.

We told the nuts below to "act normal".

How do you deal with conflict?
How do you handle a wrong that needs to be righted?

Please don't get me wrong, precious memories were made and the sun did shine, in more ways than one.

Where do you draw the line between slapping a smile on your face and stepping in to right a wrong?

Are you full of it?

For Thanksgiving I was most thankful for the love that surrounds me.  
Every day.

Even when I'm a Crabby Appleton.:)

When all was said and done, I truly remember the good times.
The real smiles.
The good feelings.

I have to learn to let go of moments that are out of my control.
Sometimes it's just so hard.

This holiday season is going to lovely.
We put up our trees last night.
3 this year!

Even a real one, which is a first for the girls.
I'm excited.

Moments are fleeting.
How blessed we are to be there for each and every one of them.
Good and not so good.

Sometimes things go perfectly.

Other times we have to try...

a little...


On my Christmas wish list this year I have...

1. patience
2. grace
3. peace

Santa isn't going to bring that to me but I know that God surely can.

Love you all.

Thanks for being there to support me, inspire me and pray for me.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Was it a small intimate gathering or bustling with children and activity?

I've always wished for cousins for my girls.
It's just the two of them.
Good thing their grandparents make fabulous playmates.:)

And so does their Dad.
Below, both girls have water guns.
See their Dad's chair?


Are you ready for Christmas?

I'm not even close.

And I think it's time for my nap.


April said...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with just the 4 of us at home, but it wasn't a Rockfeller painting, by any means. Brittany and I had a few moments where we just didn't see eye to eye. She was grieving a long relationship that she'd just gotten out of (praise God!) and I told her that sometimes, you have to pull up your big girl britches and move on. OUCH. Probably not the best advice I've ever given, but the point I was trying to make is she's allowed her ex to take so much from her...from us...that I didn't want her to give him that power, any longer. So, I finally realized my shortcoming...and she did, too. We hugged and apologized...and all was well from that moment on. So grateful for God's grace on that day...and for every other day, as well!

Lindsay-ann said...

Lori, I loved seeing your pictures from Thanksgiving. It looks such a perfect place to be, I am sorry that parts of your trip were spoilt. I can see that your Grandma is really enjoying her time with you all. It makes me so happy to see the girls having fun with your dad. You look amazing Lori :) Glad that Ruby is getting lots of cuddles. It's a scary thought that Christmas is 3 weeks tomorrow :0 Help!! Lindsay x

~The Robins Nest~ said...

We are sisters for sure! Crabby is my middle name! I've really been having a bout of the irritables. My body is changing and I'm not ready for it!
Hey, just wanted to let you know, I love this post. You look AMAZING-Super skinny girl!
I have only bought ONE present so far (seriously)-Lord have mercy, I am so behind! BUT the house is decorated and I've even had time to do some crafts.
Things always work out one way or another in the end
Love you so much~♥

Tristan said...

amen,sister! haha..i have not been feeling "full of grace" lately either. I love the holidays..but some people for some reason feel the need to make it difficult,when we can't control the reason.

So glad you had a good thanksgiving..those girlies of yours are too precious!

real trees are the best!!

And..we were finally on our way to the P.O. today and then there was a traffic accident and we had to wait 30 minutes..ugh..no fun.
SO..lol..when it finally does arrive..just pretend you got it..oh,months ago..hahaha.
and the girls have a card coming also..sheesh..i am the worst about getting to the P.O.

mysteryhistorymom said...

April- Thank you so much for sharing, dear friend. So glad to know that I'm not alone in my frustration.:) I'm thrilled that Brittany is not longer with "that guy". I could tell you were not thrilled, although you tried your best to see all the good that he had to offer. (Not enough for your precious girl and it's good that she found out now.) So happy it ended well and I'm praying the same for my situation. Love you! Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Lindsay- Thank you so much for your sweet words, dear sister. You know a bit about this situation and your kindness is such a balm to my nerves. How I wish you could meet Miss Ruby. You would love her and she would want to go home with you as you are such a sweetheart! Love you! Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Robin- You ALWAYS know how to make me smile!:) I'm sad to hear that you are having crabby issues, too, but am so glad you understand me. Your house is decorated and you've been crafting? Bonus points for you! You always pull everything together in the end, Sis.;) Love you, too! Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Tristan- I wish I could go into more detail about the situation but I can't here. You can always call me for details.;) Difficult people are usually quite unhappy but they shouldn't feel the need to share with others.:( Bah humbug! Lori