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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Fashioned by Rene Gutteridge- REAL romance!

We need more books like Old Fashioned. Yes, I admit I like passionate, love at first sight stories but they're just too... easy. What most likely happens next is heartache, anger and sadness. Living in the movies is not real life. Boy and girl meet, boy kisses girl, boy sleeps with girl and boy breaks girls heart is real life. Or vice versa. As a young girl I wanted to live in the movies. The romance, the music, the boyfriend, the passion. Thankfully God has blessed me with a happily ever after, but the road to get there did have it's share of bumps.

Old Fashioned is romantically refreshing. It's not your typical romance (hurrah!) because it takes a path long forgotten. Taking time to get to know your girlfriend/boyfriend, planning for a future, waiting for after the wedding, and chivalry are all there. Clay Walsh, the main character, has high standards and values yet he's paid a high price to gain them. He has skeletons in his closet and a great sadness in his heart, yet God takes something bad and turns it into good. Amber Hewson couldn't be more different than Clay! She's had her share of trials yet happy go lucky is her middle name! Clay never saw her coming- or he would have run the other way. ;) Watching their relationship evolve is delightful. Their flirtatious banter is wonderful! In the pages of this book you'll find comedy, sadness, temptation, caring and yes, REAL romance.

Old Fashioned is like no book I've ever read before. Read it. Share it with your teenager. Show them that the songs on the radio, the movies they see, the typical storylines that are everywhere are not the way to find love. They are the way to a broken heart. Pursue the path less taken and God will guide you.

*I was given a copy of Old Fashioned by Tyndale in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received.*

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Mary Ann Potter said...

This sounds like a fabulous teen book. I heartily endorse works like this; there's so much that's fake and wrong out there. This obviously gives a realistic perspective.