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Monday, January 11, 2010


Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I had a very special day and enjoyed being with my family. My husband took the day off- thanks, Sweetie!


Part of the celebration was attending LIttle House on the Prairie- the musical, which was a lot of fun. Melissa Gilbert did an amazing job playing "Ma" and the rest of the cast was exceptional, too! Most had been on Broadway and it showed. This was a big deal for our small(ish) town...


We also went to go see The Princess and the Frog- one of my new favorite movies. Funny, exciting, great music. I was skeptical, but let me tell you it is fantastic! Even Jeff said, "We need to buy this movie." I adore Ray, the firefly.:)

As for the chipmunks (below), I have one word. Yuck.


Then we had the surprise of the day at a gas station. Gourmet food! I had heard, but did not believe. Had to break out the camera...
Paula Deen...

Barefoot Contessa! be still my heart...

Orangina??! The last time I had this was when I was in Europe. So light, so fruity, so mmmmm..... I now have some in the fridge.:) Lindsey, do you like it?

The colors took my breath away. Watermelon Strawberry, Apricot Peach.... Makes me wish for summer and picnics...

Salsa in every temperature. The only way I can get my husband to eat tomatoes.

Gelato! Caribbean Coconut, Caramel Cookie Crunch, Double Dark Chocolate! We have decided to try two new items a week and critique them. All for you.;)

Then it was off to Carrabba's for an early dinner. Ensalada Johnny Rocco, Baby. It's my birthday and I can't even get a kiss from Mandy. It's not "cool" anymore.:(

I'm going to get one, one way or another!:)

I love birthday cake. Love. It. Not the frosting so much, just the cake. So, to save me from myself I requested a "Dirt Cake" that would be delicious, but less likely to sprout wings and fly into my mouth.
My family is the best. (Gotta keep it real from time to time.) This is what happens when sugar is the center of attention.:)

It was GOOD.



Robin Beck said...

Well, once again it looks like you guys did the day up right! How fun!

I adore any Gas station that would carry gourmet food like that! Wow!

I love the photo of you trying to get a kiss from Amanda-Too cute.

The cake and ice cream look yummy. I only like plain cake too...It's very rare for me to eat frosting! (gluten free cake that is!)

I laughed at Jeff's shirt...It reminded me of somebody...hmmmm who could that be? OHHHH yeah, it reminds me of JEFF! Did you get that shirt for him...Now that is funny!

I'm thrilled you had such a great birthday. I bet you are tired...What a day!

Love you bunches,


Already Happy said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was fun :)

April said...

Let me tell you...you sure know how to celebrate in style! What a FUN night you had! So happy to know that it was such a memorable one...you deserve it! I really love the "smoochie" shot and that cake looks DIVINE! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

AWW YAy! I am so glad you had a wonderful day! You definitely deserve it! I just love to come here and see your pictures, read your blog.. So inspirational and happy!!! 80)

We LOVE Paula Deen and Barefoot Contessa here as well.. infact I am loving how she is back to basics in her show (Barefoot contessa) Fred would die if I found something in our store from them!! Will need to look now 80)

Happy Birthday again sweety!

Nancy said...

Oh how fun.... Congrats on the great finds... yummmmmmmy! That dirt cake looks delish too. What? LHOP musical. You KNOW I thought I was Laura when I was a kid. Oh my, if that comes to CA, I am ALLLLL OVER IT! And Melissa Gilbert. SHe is my Jen Aniston. So glad the birthday was fabulous! :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Glad you enjoyed your birthday treats. The musical sounds fun. It must be 30 years since I saw Little House On the Prairie. I hope it gets shown here again one day. Thank you for sharing your lovely birthday pictures. Mandy and Katie look adorable in their pretty hats. I see Mandy has her braces now. I hope she is getting along with them ok. They look great.
Yes I drink Orangina although over here we get it in smaller rounder bottles. Your cake looks delicious. Did you save some for me?

Elise said...

Looks like a great birthday!! Your family is too cute!! We get very similar faces when the sugar is brought out!! Hahaha!!
All that gourmet goodness was at a convenience store?? Crazy...

Darlene said...

It definitely looks and sounds like you had a FABULOUS Birthday!! Love all the fun pictures! I bet that musical of Little House on the Prairie was WONDERFUL. Also, Lexi is telling me The Princess and the Frog is THE best movie....she saw it for an award celebration at school. But, she also wants to go see The Chipmunks. Her friend said it was good. Hopefully, we will "miss" it being out....lol.

How cool to have all that gourmet food at the gas station. WOW sounds pretty upscale to me! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.♥

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you had. I can't think of anything more fun. I would love to see Melissa Gilbert in Little House live. The gourmet goodies -- what treat. Did you buy anything? The cake looks yummy too. Boy, do I love frosting that is what I like. Happy Birthday, dear one.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Looks like one fabulous birthday!

Here's to many more :)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

WoW Lori, looking at the shelves of fun food was making me hungry, then I got to the cake pic... YUM... Happy Happy Birthday!

Eileen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! And I love all the pictures! FUN!!

I love dirt cake too! But lately I've been cupcake-crazed so that's what I'll be requesting for my birthday!

Enjoy the memories!
All the best to you in the New Year!

Jill said...

What fun sweet friend!!!!! and yummmmm- all that gourmet food at a gas station??!!
so happy your day was special!- and thanks for the movie review!!

Cherrie said...

I also saw "Little House on the Prairie" when it was here in AZ. It was a very good musical!
Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Georgia Girl said...

Oh my Happpy Belated Birthday Wishes, Lori. Sorry I missed your special day but I see it was wonderful!

Oh goodie the gourmet food section is so neat to see and in a gas station too.

I know what you mean by trying to kiss your older daughter...they grow up to fast and don't like silly stuff like they use to...Lexi sure loves to so I am glad I still get it from her.

What a special day to share with your family...and the memories for all of you...

Oh yumo...the cake!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

That dirt cake sure looks delicious! So glad you had a happy b-day!
I can't believe they had all that at the gas station!
Love the pics of you and Mandy--reminds me of me and Caleb!

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a ball. And that cake looks so good!

Many wishes!

Yarni Gras! said...

Happy Birthday! I can't imagine a gas station having gourmet goodies, how funny is that!
The photos are wonderful as always...I'm so glad you had a great day!

Tristan said...

what a wonderful birthday!!! i want to see that musical!!

Sherri said...

Lori, sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Still lovin' your new haircut!! Lovely!!

Jerelene said...

Hi Lori! I'm so glad to hear that your birthday was so wonderful!! I wish I'd been on and caught it quick enough....I'd have done something special for you :) But, I've not been on...we've all been sick :(
I loved all the fabrics that you showed...esp. the one with the mittens on it! I'd love to see some pics of your scarves :)
Happy belated birthday sweet friend!!
Love and hugs.....Jerelene

Anonymous said...

what an absolutely fun birthday, Lori! I wish I could've been there to see Melissa Gilbert as Ma.
sending lots of love and hugs...

carolina postcard said...

What a cute family and blog! Hope you've had a good birthday week!

Jodi said...

A little late...but Happy Birthday Lori!! :)