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Monday, September 6, 2010

We're not in Kansas Anymore

Hope your day is quite lazy...

and utterly wonderful!

I am in my jammies.:) And it's noon! Yippee!

Our weekend was made up of friends, family, American Girl,
and The Cheesecake Factory. Perfection.

Mandy enjoyed some time in a massage chair while Katie,
Grandma Patty and I went to the new American Girl store in
Kansas City!

The wait was long as they put us in groups by way of
tickets. A nice lady gave us her tickets which saved us about
3 hours of waiting. Random acts of kindness ROCK!

People had camped over night in order to get a goody
bag. They were given to the first 100 people. People started
waiting at 3 PM the night before. Hope it was worth it!

I had never seen so many dolls! The girls were thrilled to
be able to be there with their friends.:)

No, we DID NOT ask the clown to be in the picture.
Remember what I said about clowns?

Felicity and Elizabeth are being retired this year.:(

The store was such a delight!

Katie and I are reading the Molly series right now. We are
learning so much about World War II. Fascinating.

Josefina (pronounced Ho-sah-fee-na)

Katie had Elizabeth's hair styled. SO fun!

The Lanie camper is on everyone's wish list. $295 and
back ordered until mid October!

Katie saved her money forever to get Lanie! $95! And today
was the day!Lanie is the doll of the year and will be gone in January.
Katie was so happy to bring her home.

Waiting in line for hair styling... See the chart with all the


The doll behind Katie is Molly. I am going to have the girls in
our American Girl class dress up in costume for our meeting in
October. Molly and her friends dress up for Halloween in the first
book and next month we are studying Molly and World War II.

After all the excitement (and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!)
we went back to Grandpa John and Grandma Patty's house. We
needed some quiet and rest after all the craziness.

Ruby RAN all weekend. I have never seen her so happy and
awake! She loved every minute. Well, we all did!

The girls rode the paddle boat, went fishing, played with a
remote control boat and even rode in a wheelbarrow!

The weather was perfect. It was sunny and gorgeous with a lovely breeze.

Hope your weekend was divine!


Elise said...

Sounds like a lovely time, Lori!! Have you tried the cheesecake recipe from Whatever-the blog?? It is heavenly...

joyfullness said...

Lo...this has to be one of my fave posts from you!! The clown picture made me laugh out loud!!
Yeeks for you! (and quite frankly, the rest of us too...:/ ) Glad you are back at home..in your jamjams
...also..could Katie favor your husband any more!!?? Miss you! Adore you! Ta...Jo

Sherri said...

Sounds like you and your family had the perfect weekend Lori!! Happy Labor Day!

Jill said...

That sounds like a great time! So funny that you'd post about American Girl Dolls...I was just looking at them online the other day, thinking that this Christmas might be a good time to get Kennedy her first one. I wanted one SO bad when I was little, but it never happened. :-( Luckily, I can live vicariously through my little girl!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

My weekend was the pits compared to yours!! ;)
Looks like you guys had such a good time.

Jill said...

sounds like SOOOO much fun!!! R.E. is jealous of all the American Girl dolls!!! (she's looking over my shoulder- and says "Hi Katie"!)
and Ruby is too cute- as always!
p.s. thought of you Sunday in church- i had on my favorite "fall" pearl earrings! :)

Tristan said...

OH MY!! I LOVE this post..makes me so happy!

Felicty was always my favorite,although I never had any of the dolls :( T-A will FOR SURE..lol..sad she is retireing!!

I'm so excited to take my baby there some day! I didn't know there was one in KS! Maybe we can hop by sometime on the way to CO to see my BIL..lol!

Unknown said...

My daughter loved the AG dolls but sadly she is too old now...but of course we will save the dolls forever. Our favorite is Felicity...

Your weekend looks wonderful!



Robin Beck said...

Wow what a perfect perfect weekend!
I'm so happy you all had such a wonderful time (even Ruby!)
Tim and I had the weekend off-It was so nice-Got alot done around the house.
We also went to JoAnns because of the big sale there Monday. Did you know you can use the 40% off coupons on magazines? I did plus I had another 10% off on my total purchase-Made it so worth going!

Loved all the pics you took, always makes me feel like I'm there!


April said...

Sure looks like the perfect weekend to me! So glad all of you had such a fun time together! The Cheesecake Factory...MMMM...definitely one of my favorites! :)

val said...

hah! I love the photo of the girls in the wheelbarrow! That clown is a bit creepy, no? HAHAHA!

Glad you all had fun!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I enjoyed this post so much. You look to have had the most wonderful weekend. The American Girl Shop looks great. I have a secret desire to go work there and style all the doll's hair! The camper van is gorgeous. Jeff is so clever, I am sure he could make one just as good. The Lanie doll is really cute. Katie is going to remember that day forever. Loved seeing Mandy in the massage chair. I would love to have a go in one of those. The pictures from Grandpa John's house are so beautiful. That's just how I imagined it there. The girls and Ruby look so happy out by the lake. Oh and that cheesecake! Want some. NOW.
Missed you.

Fran. said...

What an awesome trip you had! Isn't it always good to go away, but good to get home too. Your Katie makes me miss my little Kaitlin. She'll be 20 next Tuesday! Oh I would love to read the books about WWII. You probably know this, but Michael's has the coolest American Girl scrapbooking and etc. things!! I think about Katie everytime I see it! XO Fran.

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! Yes, I must have the American Girl Camper. Oh, I forgot I have one, not American girl:( Those dolls are beautiful. Maybe I should get lost in one of those store someday. So happy you all had such a wonderful time.

Shawnee said...

Looks like a DELICIOUS weekend. Love the pictures!!

Susan said...

Your day at the American Girl store looks wonderful! I am so hoping to take my girls to the one in Atlanta very soon (it's the closest one).