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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Camping Girl?

I spent time outdoors this weekend.
And liked it.


Mandy read by the fire.


Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers were our happy companions-
and a few friends, too.


Jeff is the master s'mores maker.
He made me two and they were incredible.


The girls worked on patches for Girl Scouts.


Everything is fun when you do it with friends!


The cabin was cozy with bunk beds and indoor plumbing.:)


I love photographing children.
It's my favorite.:)


After our 1 mile hike.
Short and sweet.


So glad I brought my camera.


The weather was chilly, but the sun was warm.
No bugs or poison ivy.
I might start to like this!


We did it!


The first hill was steep.
I told the girls to drag me if I couldn't make it.


Jeff taught the girls how to geocache.
They thought it was quite an adventure.
It made me feel good.




Hope your weekend was as good as ours.


It's finally snowing here!


Hearts Turned said...

How wonderful! Looks like a fabulous experience you gave those girls--what happy faces! Love the picture of them all jumping--so sweet!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend...


Tristan said...

Such a fun post! I lvoed girl scouts when I was little...FUN FUN FUN!!!!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

FUN! I love hiking with no bugs and no poison ivy. A cabin with indoor plumbing is my idea of roughing it! The s'mores look wonderful.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your pictures are beautiful. They capture the fun perfectly. You are a wonderful photographer. Glad you enjoyed the weekend too. Glad there were no bugs or snakes and that you had bunks and indoor plumbing! Oh goodness I would be a mess without those luxuries!
Hope you are enjoying your snow.

Jen said...

What a great time! I love getting outside during the wonter, as much as I resist - I always feel better after having doing so. No bugs or critters is the best!

Unknown said...

I did a GS trip like that a few years ago with Hannah...so much fun! It looks like the girls had a great time...



Sherri said...

Glad you all had a great weekend!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I love those kind of adventures! Looks like a very fun time was had by all :)

P.S. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, even though it's a few hours away!!

val said...

love it! I could learn to love to camp if I was in a cabin with plumbing :-)

Shari said...

I'll confess that I'm not much of the outdoors type either, but this sounds like a perfect camping trip. And those do look like picture perfect s'mores.

My oldest daughter is a Junior Girl Scout, but they haven't done a camping trip yet. I'm a brand new leader of my middle daughter's Daisy troop, so I expect to have many adventures like this in the coming years.