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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chain Smoking and Dribbling Pitchers

I have to say...

If smoking and drinking made me look like this, I would be a chain smoking alcoholic.

I loved my blown-out, flat ironed hair 2 days ago...
but my curls have now gone into hiding leaving a big puff in their place.
Not good.

that I will never find a non-dribbling pitcher.
Do they make bibs for pitchers?
If you'd like a dribbling pitcher you will find this one at my local Goodwill.

that I am SUPER excited about my new Kindle! Jeff and the girls got it for me for my birthday. I am agonizing over which book will be my first. I'm crazy like that.

there is a winter storm heading our way! They are calling for 7-15 inches. Won't happen. You would think I would miss school or something. That little girl part of me will never grow up.:)

Off to buy groceries, just in case we get that 15 inches.


Fran. said...

Yeah Lori I know what ya mean about the snow storm warnings! They've got our warning already for Tues. and Wed. LOL Your hair looks super cute! I can never ever make mine look like it does when I come home from getting it done! Love that first pic but still not to sure I'd want to smoke! But she does look smokin hot!! LOL Couldn't help it! XO LOve, Fran.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Oh WOW you look gorgeous. Love, love, love your hair. I just couldn't imagine you with straight hair because your curls are so pretty. You look equally as beautiful curly and straight :)
Tim has that identical Amazon Kindle. He got it just before Christmas and uses it all the time. He has a case for it that opens like a book that makes it nicer to hold.
Hope you don't get that storm. Keep safe and warm.

Robin Beck said...

You are so cute. Did I tell you I used to smoke? Yes, I quit when I was 30ish. Nasty habit!
By the way, you know how they have a perm solution to curl your hair? Well they also have a solution that straightens your hair and makes it really soft in the process. I used to get it done so I didn't have to use a straight iron.
I'm so happy you got a Kindle, I bought one for my older son Ty at Christmas. I'm still reading on my iPod. :) (I like it!)
I'm thinking about making a gluten free blog because so many people are asking me for recipes and such, we will see-Life is always so busy as it is!!!
Love you,

Sherri said...

Lori, you look fabulous with flat hair!!! You look fabulous with curly hair! You look fabulous dahling!!

Good luck with the snowstorm!

Peggy said...

wow, your hair looks fabulous!! You look great!! Did you do it yourself? I have a zillion pitchers like that too - what up?

Tristan said...

there is one thing I have learned, dont.fight.the.curls..hahaha.

omg, I hope you don't get all that snow..eeeek.

michelle edwards joy said...

I hope you get the snow :). We are going to miss out on this storm. Woo Hoo for the Kindlle! Your hair looks great.

Molly said...

I love your hair blown out! Very pretty!
~Molly P

April said...

I'm lovin' your new look, Lori...so pretty! Of course, I love your curly hair, too! I'm excited to hear what you think about the Kindle...I've been wanting one myself! Hope that 15" of snow holds off!

Jen said...

Love the hair! But I love curls too--you look great either way. I have stick straight hair and lately I've been using my curling iron again.

We are just far enough south that the snow will miss us and we'll get ice instead. Yuck! Power outages to come, I'm sure.