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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Nest is the Best

We are snowed in...
and we couldn't be happier!

We have about 4 inches of snow so far- covering a layer of ice.
Big news for us.

Everyone is in the nest.
Even Jeff.
He is keeping us very cozy with a warm fire.

Someone is not too happy about this weather, though.
She is going to (ahem) hold her bladder until the Spring.
It's cold on her "hang lows". Poor baby.

I made this today. Perfect on a snowy day!

We are going to make this right now.
It's our first time.

Ruby may even get to try some.
She's helpful in that way.

How can you say "No" to this face?
I can't.
Love my little Miss Ruby.

Hope you are all safe and warm.
Enjoy being snowed in- if you are.

My nest is the best.


Fran. said...

Oh Lori It's so funny how you guys love the snow! We Michiganders kinda don't like it! We have a Winter Storm warning with 17 inches predicted!! Blowing and drifting with the high wind gusts! The snow is already starting! It's suppose to snow until tomorrow night! Even Kaitlins college has already closed for tomorrow! That never happens!! So I guess I'll be getting alot of housework done or crafting! Oh I already know I'll be creating!! Love ya, XO Fran.

April said...

With the snow we had in mid-January, I'm good to go for a LONG time! Ahh...I remember making Snow Ice Cream with my mom...GOOD MEMORIES! Poor Miss Ruby...I feel her pain!

michelle edwards joy said...

Looks great Lori! Aren't we blessed women that we have a peaceful home to stay in? Enjoy!

Jerelene said...

Ruby is so cute!!
Your fireplace looks cozy and the soup looks delicious :)
Stay safe and warm!!
Love and hugs......Jerelene

Susan said...

Stay warm!

Tristan said...

oh my!!
I love the pic of katie and the one of ruby..sooo sweeet!!!

I am in love with your wood burning fire place, we are stuck at my parents in fear that we would be without heat at ours!!

Robin Beck said...

Poor poor little Rubers!
She's not a happy camper!
Her poor hang lows! :)

But the rest of you look like you are having a GREAT time!


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your fire looks so lovely and cosy. The perfect place for you to be right now, sipping soup and keeping warm. Loved the cute picture of Katie. Oh poor Ruby, you will have to make her a coat and mittens for when she needs to go outside!
Enjoy the snow but keep safe and warm.

Georgia Girl said...

Awww...Miss Ruby is cute as can be!

I wish I was snowed in but think about it I am...snowed in at WORK!

Enjoy your family!

jennykate77 said...

WE are absolutely SNOWED in! It's crazy, but like you, I'm LOVING it! I love that we're all forced to be in the house and just chill. I made a big breakfast yesterday morning and then an extra large pot of Potato Soup. I'm thinking cinnamon rolls and snow ice cream at some point today.

Stay safe and warm!! *muah*

Lori said...

We are not snowed in and I will never be able to say that phrase living in Arizona. It is very, very cold and windy though. Does that count? Let me know how the snow ice cream goes - it sounds very interesting.

Sherri said...

Lori, so glad you are loving your snow!! We didn't get any here in Charlotte, it is actually 65 degrees here today!

Yarni Gras! said...

aw, love this snow filled, cozy post!