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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 10 on 10

We've had the most amazing August with cooler temperatures and oodles of glorious RAIN!

The 10th began with a slumber party...  and, of course, the girls were still up at midnight.;)

After sleeping in late (all of us) we had lunch at Panera.  The entire month of August, their frozen drinks are 1/2 price between 3-5!  (They don't have any signs for this, you just have to be "in the know".;) And now you are!)

Then we were off to the mall!  The girls had a blast in Aeropostale where almost everything in the store was 1/2 price!  The vibrant colors are always such fun and their sales are fabulous.  It was a bit tricky finding a dressing room!

Kissing the pig!

Stopped in Bath and Body Works to check out the new fall scents- they're out!  And they are yummy.  Apple, pumpkin, cinnamon- and even Halloween!  

Back to School time is here which means we need a pair (or two) of fabulous boots.  GAP has some cute styles so I think we may go back today.  30% off the whole store, too!

Caught the sun as it was setting.  The sky was absolutely glorious last night.

Working on some pretties for a friend's fundraiser.  May have to keep one for myself as this bracelet puts a smile on my face.:)

Akinator.  The Web Genie.  It asks a few questions and then (almost) always knows the answer!  The girls played with this all day long.  Crazy fun!

The day ended with homemade chicken soup and a Travel Channel show about the United Kingdom.  A stay in Thornbury Castle is now on my Bucket List.  Click on the link and it will be on yours, too.;)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Tristan said...

how fun!!
katie looks so tall..and so grown up!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, the Aeropostale store looks great, we don't have those over here. Katie looks so cute in those boots. Glad you all had such fun at the mall. Love the pretty bracelet you made too. I have not heard of Thornbury Castle, I will have to check out your link. Lindsay x

val said...

what a great time...I love all the smiles. Now about that soup...where is the recipe?

Anonymous said...

That May be the prettiest bracelet ever!! Rainbows and Birds can't be beat!