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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sheila, the Bat Ray

Getting to the end of summer here.
Nope, we haven't started school yet at our house.

Still time to work on our Bucket List.

So, on Friday we headed to the Tulsa Aquarium!

Petted the shrimp.
Told the little fellas I loved eating them.;)

Visited the fish, crabs and squid...

Turtles and alligator, too.

Then, it was time for the SHARKS!

Can you even imagine diving with them?
Or getting in one of those flimsy cages??

Nope, this is close enough.

Our favorite animals were the stingrays.
The girls fed them shrimp on those little plastic poles (below).  
Stingrays are quite frisky when it's feeding time!

Then we got to pet them!
The one in the center (below) is a Bat Ray.
Her name was Sheila.:)

Sheila was as friendly as a little puppy.
Sweet girl.

The Southern Stingrays are more like cats.
They can take you or leave you.

Stingrays feel almost velvety, but a tiny bit slimy.
They are precious.

Their barbs are a but tricky, but these little sweeties have theirs capped.

We could have petted them all day...

The girls made many trips through the shark tunnel.
Because it's reallllyyy cool.

Tulsa Aquarium has the largest collection of Bull Sharks in the U.S.
You can even "sleep with the sharks" there- 
slumber party style.

Could you sleep with sharks swimming above and next to you??

Jellyfish are truly gorgeous but boy do they pack a punch of pain with their tentacles!
I was stung once and it felt like my leg was on fire!

Eerily beautiful.

Nemo fish!

Don't be crabby.;)

Moray eels are another frighteningly amazing creature.
I'm endlessly in awe over God's creations.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, looks such a fun day you all had at the aquarium. Everyone looks so happy, it's obvious it was a great day out. The crab hats look fun. I don't like the sound of the shark sleepover! I would sleepover with the nemo fish though any day! Lindsay x

Robin Beck said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Tim and I swam with stingrays a few years back...They were huge! They ate from our hands and swam through our legs-it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done!

Rho said...

Cool! I'm sure you guys had a blast hanging out with friends and family at the Tulsa Aquarium. When you guys come to California, you should visit all of the aquariums in San Francisco and the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey. I'm sure you'll have fun and love it when you come out here!

Tristan said...

fun!! Jelly fish are so pretty..but eek. I hear ya..I can't imagine the sting!