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Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 Spots Left...

 I am getting super excited about my Nancy Drew Swap.   I only have 2 spots left ladies, and then the swap will be closed.  I plan on hosting this again next year, but do you really want to wait that long?  We are going to have such FUN!  

   It's fun to see the old book covers...

Did you know that they make Nancy Drew Mystery Parties in a box?  I believe that you can find them on ebay...

   And check out this fabric!!!  Angi found it and sent me a picture!  Amanda actually designed a pair of shoes with it.  Yes, she did!  It would make a fabulous bag, too!  Wish I knew how to sew...

   My husband showed me this today at Wal Mart.  I am now putting a Nintendo DS on my Wish List.  

   I used to looooove watching Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys!  Do you girls remember it?  I had such a crush on Shaun Cassidy.  I saw him in concert- twice!  My parents took me as I was  just a wee lass.:)  (Can you tell my sister just got back from Ireland and I wish that I had tagged along?  Or is "wee lass" Scottish??)
Anyway, I have this series on DVD and you should, too.  Fun for the whole family.

   You can also play Nancy Drew on the computer.  You can stay up almost all night and still not solve the mystery.  You can also visit herinteractive.com for hints and still not solve it.  Not that I would know.

   Ah yes, the Nancy Drew Convention.  Who is coming with me??  Amanda and Lea go every year and they are taking part in my swap!  Who will be lucky enough to be their partners?

   That's all for now.  I am off to read The Mystery of the Tolling Bell.  Nancy is waiting for me.;)


the ungourmet said...

My cousin and I wrote Shaun a fan letter once!

We have a few Nancy Drew books hiding around here somewhere!

We thought the movie was really cute!

Amy said...

I finished reading my mystery on Thursday! I loved watching the "reruns" of the Hardy Boys! I'm a wee lass, too!! I can't believe they have Nancy Drew fabric--I was wondering if there was such a thing!

Shawnee said...

Too cute! I have looked everywhere and cannot find where to buy that fabric, though. BUMMER!

Allison said...

I used to love the Nancy Drew Hardy Boy Mystery series. We checked it out of the library awhile back and my girls enjoyed it.

Melissa has the Nancy Drew game for her DS.

It' an Evolution said...

Do you still have room in your swap??? Let me know ... I know I am late to the game but ...better late than never.
Thanks for your sweet comments on the communion...it was a special day. Seeing your daughters play pics just makes me happy.