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Monday, May 4, 2009

On my Mind...

   We have an odd little niche at the top of our staircase.  Remember, Heather? It has such potential and yet remains empty...  I think this may be the solution!  A stage/nook for the girls!  Now who wouldn't love that??

   Have you seen this Healthy Choice commercial with "Elaine"?  Friends, I LOVE Seinfeld, but this commercial makes me SICK!  Have you seen it?  Take my advice and look the other way...

   This little beauty is going in the shop today...  Must think of a name first...

   I took this picture of Amanda when she was about 2 years old.  I love it so...
   Sneaky little bracelet!  How did you get in here twice??

   A bit cheesy, but I cannot stop watching!  Anybody else??

   Is this guy for REAL?  Someone please vote him off!  YUCK.  Robin, what do you think??
   I had the nicest chat with my darling bloggy friend, Darlene, the other night.  Loved it, Sweets!  I told her about Choose Your Own Adventure books.  My favorites were this one (below) and The Mystery of Chimney Rock.  Remember Mrs. Bigley and her cat or were they one in the same?  Creepy and fun!:)

This one.  Very clever, but soooo easy to despise.  She makes me ADORE Joan Rivers.  Yes, Val, it's true!  This chick is evil.  The Apprentice Showdown next Sunday is going to be GOOD.  Right Sue's Mom?  I know you are going to be watching, too.:)

   Still in my robe at 4:14.  Can you beat that Jes?  lol!


Kim's Treasures said...

Great idea for your little nook! The kids would love it!

Anonymous said...

Well it's 2:35 and I have yet to even brush my teeth! Oh, DISGUSTING! My poor children sat at the table while I was teaching...no wonder they weren't into the lesson! HAHAHA! And of course I'm still in jammies...I mean, should I be dressed for something??? I can't believe I just admitted all this......off to the sink for a good gargle and brush. ;)
you still love me, right??? :P

Anonymous said...

and ps....LOVE the bracelet :)

Tristan said...


I have dvr's harper's island..lol..but have yet to watch it!
And..ew! That commercial...yuck!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I love the idea for the little nook/niche at the top of the staircase- I'm with you and CAN'T stand the "Elaine/ New Christine" Healthy Choice commercial-UGH I have to turn my face away-Makes me want to ralph big time!
Love the photo of Amanda-ADORABLE!
Love the heirloom looking bracelet...
Okay, lets talk Coach aka "THE DRAGON SLAYER!" UGH!!!Seriously how old is this guy? Two words GROW UP & GET OFF SURVIVOR -Okay so that's more then two words~ He used to be entertaining, now he is just annoying!

My Mom used to LIVE in her robe so I don't own one. :) Seriously, she ruined me forever!

So does Darlene sound as Southern or more Southern then you?

Have a great week sweetie! Tim's in Portland-I might go visit him for a couple of days if I get everything done around here.


Polka Dot Moon said...

My blood pressure boils whenever I see Annie on Celeb. Apprentice! She's over the top MEAN! Wouldn't want to come across her!

Love the nook idea! How fun for your girls :)

and your bracelet is lovely, of course!


(here's a hint......tomorrows giveaway has some "bite" to it ;)

April said...

I'm lovin' that nook idea! I got so tickled about you being in your robe at 4:14 in the afternoon...you sound just like me! My hubby is always giving me such a hard time! In fact, he lovingly calls me "Robe Lady". I know, how endearing, right? :)

Darlene said...

I seriously think that would be great for an odd area....a stage...COOL! It needs to be finished before Lexi and I come and visit...hehehe

I am cracking up at Robin's comment. You can tell her I sound like a Southern hick....it won't hurt my feelings at all!

The picture of Amanda is so adorable. I always love looking back at young pictures of Lexi.

Hope you are having a wonderful day...it sounds like you are!

Amy said...

Love the nook idea. The entryway at my mom's is raised with some pillars and railing on each side. My sister and I used to use it for a stage....
When I say that Healthy Choice commercial I said to the kids, "See how disgusting that looks?" Now they know! It's so gross!

Cinnamon and Sage said...

About the bracelet-the first words that came to mind were mink and cashmere. It looks very creamy and rich. I think I'm hungry : )

Oh and "Coach" is so slimy looking to me. He makes my skin crawl. I like J.T. and I was SO glad to see Tyson go!

There are many, many days that I just stay in my jammies until an evening shower and just slip into some more jammies! : )

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

WoW so much info in this post... LUV the nook idea, SUPER cute 2 year old {why do they grow so fast}? I too think that commercial is yucky... Your button bracelet is BEAUTIFUL....

Elise said...

Still in your robe?? I just showered and brushed my teeth around 7:45pm. Oh yes, yuck!! Actually, I did brush my teeth around 6 o'clock, but dyed my hair and showered around 7:45. Its pathetic!!
Love the bracelet!! Love the idea of a little nook!!
P.S. Let me say how jealous I am that Darlene got to talk to you. Oh, and Amanda was such a beautiful little girl and quite a beautiful young lady.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Sounds like a great idea for your little nook. I am with you COACH has to go soon. Too bad it wasn't this week! Looking forward to that show. Jackie

the ungourmet said...

I absolutely love the stage! How wonderful for your daughter and her friends!

I think Elaine is just nuts! I have to laugh about the commercial where she has too much in her mouth because I cannot believe she can do this without cracking up! I think the commercials themselves are pretty dumb though! I would never have thought to make these if I was in charge!

Have a wonderful week!

Reticent Meanderings said...

Your newest bracelet reminds me a bit of the beach for some reason. Maybe because it has some of the colors of the sand. It also makes me think of antique lace. :)

My kids used to love the Choose Your Own Adventure books, R.L. Stine, and my daughter was a huge fan of "The Babysitter's Club" series.

I think of you whenever I see birds now. :)

Sandy Toes said...

I just saw that commercial with her..it is totally disgusting and i would not get that product due to it!
sandy toe

Jill said...

Oh! that bracelet is beautiful!!!- LOVE the "stage" idea!!! my girls use the living room- can we come play?- and that is the sweetest picture of your girlie!!!
Have a happy day!

sue's mom said...

I agree..the Healthy Choice ad sickens me. What are these people thinking??
I will be watching the Apprentice...I hear it is a live three hour broadcast. Annie is so nasty. I will be rooting for Joan on this one.
Love the nook idea...every kid needs a stage!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your new bracelet looks beautiful. Is it a lucky one like mine was?
I love the little nook/niche idea. What a great space to have available. I would have my entire Sindy collection there on display instead of packed away in boxes. In England that space would probably make an extra bedroom, our rooms are so small.
The picture of Amanda is gorgeous. What is she doing?
Jessica really enjoyed the Inca Gold choose your own ending book you sent her. Tim is going to read it to his class too and let them choose their ending.
That's great you got to speak to Darlene. I could chat with you all day. Have you got that land line yet?
My wallpapering has gone well today. We're just off to the orthodontists now.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jes- Of course, I still love you, Sweets! You just need to move closer so we can hang out in our jammies together!:)

Tristan- Did you watch Harper's Island last night??

Robin- Darlene is a darling Southern Belle! She is truly more southern sounding than me and is a joy to chat with!

Denise- i KNEW it would have something to do with Twilight! You are such a tease!

April- Robe Lady?? I love it! You made me laugh! We could hang out together, too!

Darlene- I so hope you can come for a visit! Jeff likes the stage idea, so we'll see if we can get the ball rolling on this project! You do not sound like a hick, sweetie! A lovely Southern Belle is more like it.:)

Lori- I was THRILLED to see Tyson go, too! WHat a jerk!

Elise- Send me your number and I will call you next, Sis! I have always wanted to have a little chat (or a long one!) with you, Sweets!

Jill- You are welcome to come and play any day! We could have a tea party and then let the girls dress up and put on a play.:) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sue's Mom-I felt sorry for Brandy. She truly believed that she was as good, if not better, than the others. Naive... Donald Trump had a hard time firing her!

Lindsay- I'm so glad the wall papering is going well, Sweets! It's not an easy job, although my Dad enjoys it... I hope the bracelet is a lucky one.:) In the picture, Mandy is looking through my Mom's jewelry. It starts young.:) I am thrilled that Jessica enjoyed her choose your own adventure book! And how wonderful that Tim is going to share it with his class! You always brighten my day, dear friend. No land line yet, though...:( Lori

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to watching Harper's Island too! I keep trying to solve the mystery of who's the killer. I just don't know! do you have any clues yet?
hey, there's lots of times that I stay in my pj's for 2 days strait.
the bracelet is so gorgeous! I think it looks magical!
ok, I need get busy and pack some more... I got my living room cleaned up and the bookshelf packed up and my music box colection packed too. today I'll pack the dishes and try to finish my sewing room!
:) Missy

~ Roxanne said...

The bracelet made me think of pearls and grandmother's jewlery.

How about 'Pearl?'

Love the stage idea! They are just growing up to fast. We just had a preview of the middle school tonight and now I am thinking I should have brought my camera :0}

We all had a very good feeling after visiting my worries were put to rest after we met some of the teachers and found out about some of the things they will be doing.

Carla said...

Popped over here from Angie's blog. Love the stage idea for your nook.

Btw, I'm hooked on Harper's Island too? So do you think Richard tried to trap Trish in the pool or was it really the killer? LOL

Yarni Gras! said...

where to start! Oh my! so many things to say....the nook...terrific idea. The Apprentice....this season, yuck...I can't look at Joan Rivers face...such a ruin after all that PS.
jammies in the afternoon? pure BLISS! hahaha
The bracelet....ALICE of course....looks like something from a fairy tale :-)