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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Schedule and Book Clubs

Happy Birthday Robin! I know your birthday is not until tomorrow (the 20th) but I wanted to be the first to wish you a relaxing, wonderful and fabulous day!
The girls and I started our school schedule yesterday. So far it is going well and I hope it stays that way.;) We are studying The Hobbit and it is wonderful! I highly recommend reading it.

We are finishing up The Mystery of History. Wonderful. I use this with both girls.

We are using Apologia for Science- Botany. I love this series! I use this with both girls.

Katie us using Rod and Staff for Language Arts and Math. Not bad- not great. Any other recommendations for 1st grade?

I am gearing up to teach two book clubs for our home school co-op this semester. We will be studying The Boxcar Children, The City of Ember, Because of Winn Dixie, Holes, as well as many other books. I am really excited about it!


Connie said...

It takes a disciplined mom to home school. I'm impressed with your ability and the curriculum you're using. So much fun to spend time with the children and see how they learn.

Good luck and have a great school year!

Robin Beck said...

Ahhhh Lori,
Thanks so much for the beautiful birthday wishes! You are too sweet!

Looks like I will be traveling on my birthday. Tim called me today and said he got Friday off of work...I was going to stay here at my parents till Friday but will now leave tomorrow... Tim will be driving home from Portland tomorrow night... So we will celebrate my birthday with a 3 day weekend (It shocked me Tim decided to take time off~♥)
I'm feeling very well rested and fed though!!! (thanks to mom!)
Thanks again little Sis for the great birthday post!~♥

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

We love The Hobbit. We read it some years ago and re-read it this past winter. We're trying to read (I read, they listen) A Wrinkle in Time. Enjoy the school year!

The Four Week Vegan said...

We start our homeschool schedule on the 25th - I really need to gt cracking on the planning - have everything though :) My middle son did an extensive study of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2 years ago - we are big fans of Tolkien.

I love the books your co-op is doing. Several of those were made into movies which makes for a fun treat after reading.

Magnolia Rose said...

Emma is not very "math oriented", but last year I bought Singapore Math and lo and behold she started saying how much she loved doing Math. I NEVER thought I would hear her utter those words. So it might be worth checking into for Katie.


Yarni Gras! said...

oh the BOOKS! I just love 'em all! I loved the Boxcar series...oh, and the Borrowers and Little House and...and...and.....!

Good luck with getting the year started. I'm sure you will find a good series for Katie..... Curly Girl has been having a difficult time and may be dropping after school art due to her being so over whelmed :-(