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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pokemon, Lost and Don't Get Pinched!

Katie and Linden at Zaxby's. Cuties. I am now addicted to their "Zensation" Salad. Grilled chicken, asian cole slaw, yummy dressing and an egg roll. YUM.

In the shop. Pinch-proof yourself.:)

Pokemon Club is going well. The kids absolutely love it! I think some of the cards are cute but basically I just don't get it. I collected Charlie's Angels cards soooo long ago and loved them. Then one day I threw them away. sigh...

Jeff and I are almost done watching Season 1. We are so hooked. I cannot wait to find out what happened to the pregnant girl. Don't tell me. (Oh, and Damon from Vampire Diaries is good??)

What are you watching?


Tristan said...

I've never understood pokemon either!

um..vamp diaries is wearing me out...lol!!

Nancy said...

what am i watching? I am embarrassed to say.... ok. here it is:
Amazing Race, How I met your mother, American Idol and Real Housewives of OC.
All trash. I can't help myself. I can't wait for Friday Night Lights to start again! :)

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

omg!! my oldest son will be so jealous that there is a pokemon club out there in this world that he is NOT a part of!! lol

he looooves him some pokemon!

Anonymous said...

I so don't get Pokemon cards or the price, but Caroline loves them too.

I love LOST!!! I really don't want to admit it, but I am hooked on Vampire Diaries. I keep saying that I probably shouldn't watch it, but I can't help myself.

Kim's Treasures said...

We don't have one of those restaurants near here....sounds so yummy!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

My oldest son was on the first Pokemon boom... The boy has EVERYTHING, most of the toys we have they don't even make anymore including Pokemon sheets! Since then, it seems like Pokemon get a wave of renewed POPULARITY... This is a perfect example I can use with my hubby when he calls me a pack rat... I "SAVE" stuff, and the Pokemon stuff we have used over and over with my other boys!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh that salad sounds delish!

And I think I'm with you.....don't understand one bit of Pokemon! Two boys in Jackson's class have their own Pokemon "language" and speak it at recess.

LOST season 1 and 2 are my faves and this last season is tying it all together!
I LOVE Castle on Monday nights and the Office!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
We don't get the Pokemon thing either but Jessica did like The Power Puff girls ten years or so ago and enjoyed collecting the cards which we still have somewhere.
Love the pretty new bracelet, looks perfect for St Patricks Day.
At the moment we are watching Glee so we are Gleeks!
Hope your week is going well.

Robin Beck said...

Pokemon is still popular? Oh my goodness I can't believe it-I didn't understand it then or now!

What am I watching: Not a whole lot this year-I DVR'd Survivor but haven't watched it. I do watch The Big Bang Theory though. I have been watching movies alot lately-I've probably watched more movies the last couple of weeks then I have in a year!
Instead of watching TV I have been watching Noelle. :)

I've missed you-I hope you are feeling better! I have been so busy that I have lost touch with my sisters. :(

Love you,

Lindsay-ann said...

Forgot to say. Love katie's owl t-shirt! Looks lovley on her.

michelle edwards joy said...

Derek is receiving the 1000 pokemon cards for his birthday. OH MY!!! He will be excited for club next week.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I don't understand Pokemon at all!
Lately I've been watching the back of my eyelids. I can barely stay awake until all the kids have gone to bed--too many nights falling asleep on the couch!!

Yarni Gras! said...

love the bracelet! My kids still like pokemon from time to time :-)

We watch the really good stuff...you know, like:
bait car and the world's dumbest criminals...only the best! LOL!

Sherri said...

Lori, I love that green bracelet-wonderful creation!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

What I am watching is so bad, that I am embarrassed!
Real Housewives of the O.C. I now have my husband watching it with me-and we talk about how crazy they are!

Pokemon! UGH!!!~My boys are SO into it-I wish there was a club-I can't stand playing it with them!
I have never heard of that restruant-It sounds very good...
Speaking of good-I am hoping YOU are doing good, and feeling good-You have been in my thoughts, and prayers....

Angie said...

Hey girlie!

My son loves Bakugan and I just do not get that either! I am not watching much of anything..well, unless you count the snow falling all the time...lol. Ugh. I wanna change the channel on that though. I am loving your new pieces..your color combinations are so delicious! Wonderful job!

Hugs ~ Angie

Jerelene said...

Hello Lori!
That food sounds delicious!! We don't have one of those around here. I would love to though :)
My oldest daughter watches the vamp. diaries...I've been starting to watch a little of it with her. But I, am a HUGE American Idol fan :) Sam likes Pokemon..but last year he started playing bukugan with some of his friends...it's a lot like pokemon. I don't get any of it at all. Hugs to you sweet friend:) I love the newest pink bracelet...yes, it looks like spring :)
Love you...Jerelene

Elise said...

LOVE Zensation salad, thanks for making me CRAVE one now!! Might have to have one later!!
I am lame and watch The Bachelor. Oh yeah!!

Samantha said...

We really like Chuck on Monday nights, and we also watch The Office and 30 Rock on Thursdays. They are the only shows that I'm really into right now.
However, I AM really into that little green button bracelet- adorable!

Susan said...

LOST! One of our favorite shows too. However, sometimes I feel that LOST is not a show but a state of mind! Still love it!

mysteryhistorymom said...