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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bloggity Blog Movie Swap

      Oh my, another swap!  This one is for all of you who love movies!  I know I do!  "The Karate Kid", "The Holiday", "Titanic", "Tristan and Isolde", "The Power of One", "The Sure Thing", "North and South"- the series (my friend's father was an "extra" in it!), "Anne of Green Gables", "A Little Princess", "The Secret Garden", etc.  All movies I could watch again and again...  Don't get me started on movie snacks!        
       The swap consists of sending your partner a movie and some snacks- too easy!  Soon enough the nights will get chilly.  Wouldn't you like to snuggle up with your sweetie, a movie and some M&M's?:-)
I'm signing up right now! Click here!!  Bloggity Blog Movie Swap


Robin Beck said...

Oh my goodness I think the girl (Lori) is out of control. I think it is time for a SWAP intervention.

Lori, step away from your computer and repeat after me: "I will not join any other swap this year AFTER Robin's Christmas Stocking Swap that's taking place next week" :) Hows that for a plug?

I'm just messing with you- The movie swap does looks like fun I'm somewhat tempted myself. :)

Thanks again to you and your readers for a great birthday yesterday!

Jessica said...

Oh Tristan and Isolde!! Was that not the most WONDERFUL movie!! I cried like a baby!! My art teacher in high school was in north and south..he was the tailor..i think he had ONE line..but he mentioned it a gazzillion times while I was in his classes through the years. Ah...and the Notebook...I saved that movie just today from demon Tadpole hands...then thought, "oh man I love this movie...must watch soon!!"

{Erica} said...

thanks for posting this on your blog...love your blog!