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Sunday, August 3, 2008


   Have you seen this man?  He appears to be searching for something....  Perhaps he lost his keys or a contact lens?  If he's not careful a police man may start to get suspicious...  Actually, this is my husband and he is looking high and low for a geocache.  Have you heard of this new hobby?  Using a GPS unit you plug in coordinates to help you find a "cache".  Sometimes you just sign your name and other times you get a small prize....

   I think he found it!  Actually, he has hidden quite a few himself and found over 500 caches!!

   This is called a "micro cache".

   Now he is signing his name and we can move on to the next one!  Many are hidden in the forest and a few can even be found in the mall!  Perhaps you might like to try it.:-)


Robin Beck said...

Hey Lori,
Tim and I looked for a geocache up in the mountains where him and Timmy are going tomorrow...Nothing. Nada. Zip. But it is a ten mile hike in and it's very secluded so this doesn't shock me. We really need to read up on this more so that Tim could leave a "cache" up there for somebody to find..!
It looks like a lot of fun!

Jessica said...

thank you for posting that! I have ALWAYS wondered what the heck that is. HOw stinkin fun!!!

Heather said...

That does look like fun! My parents have had a good time doing it too.

Bekah said...

That is SO funny! I have never heard of that! My husband would be one to get into that...I'll have to tell him about it...p.s. go to my blog for a special lil' sum' sum' for you!

Bekah said...

ok...after I read that post about Geacaching, I looked it up online and BEGGED DH to give it a try..we actually FOUND one in a park near our house and DH called his Brother in Dallas and got him into it and he found one also! I can;t wait to do it again! I have NEVER heard of that before I read your blog...SO SO SO much fun!