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Friday, January 2, 2009

What Fills You Up?

   You know, things that energize you and make you happy inside?  Reading a good book or blogging gives me the "me" time that I need.  You can be energized by being around people or being by yourself.  You are usually one type of person or the other.  Of course, I love spending time with my family, but I really need time by myself, especially since this is a rare occurrence.  Here are some of my other "me fillers":

1- Shopping a great sale or finding a wonderful "treasure"
2- Going to Starbucks  The music, the atmosphere and, of course, the refreshments are such a treat!
3- Going to the movies- especially if you have the theater all to yourself!  Big Bonus!
4- Crafting and creating- What is it about buttons, glitter and beads that puts a smile on my face?:)
5- Photography-  Taking a great picture and knowing that it will make a memory for me (or others) is an amazing feeling.
6- Spending time with animals- They give so much and ask for nothing.
7- Getting a package in the mail- JOY!

   What are some things that "fill" you up?  I challenge you to post some of them.  I look forward to reading your ideas- they may become some of my new favorites!


Heather said...

Alot of your fillers are my fillers!

the voice of melody said...

This is a great list! Sounds like such simple pleasures but often they're the ones that mean the most.

Many sweet blessings!

Robin Beck said...

Many of my fillers you listed~♥

I do like taking long hikes.

Watching a movie in my room with just the hubby and I holding hands~♥

Long drives.

Sewing-It relaxes me.

Robin Beck said...

One more thing: Sitting in the morning sunshine for 15 minutes while having a cup of coffee all by myself~♥

Elise said...

I think your fillers are similar to my own. I would have to add looking at magazines and decorating to the list. I may post a similar post soon.
So glad you are back, sister!!