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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love in the Mailbox

   Last week we were without mail for 4 days due to the ice storm.  I don't know about you, but I love getting mail.  A letter or package addressed to me is love in the mailbox and I was starting to feel starved for affection!
   Well, on Friday I was thrilled to get not 1, not 2, but 3 packages in the mail!  The warm fuzzies are back.:)
   First of all, I received the most wonderful package of goodies from my "little Sis" Elise!  Elise and I were partner's in Heidi's Vintage Valentine Swap.  Not only did Elise spoil me, but she also spoiled my girls!  Here is a picture of Katie wearing the darling valentine apron Elise made for her.  She wants to wear it all the time- even while doing Legos with Daddy.:)

   Elise knows that I adore birds, so look at this pair of little turtle doves!  I imagine that's what they are and I can almost hear them cooing...  Look at their sweet faces!

   Elise took baby formula cans (she is one creative cookie!) and covered them with scrapbook paper to make darling goodie containers for my girls.  There is another pic below...  Then she also sent me a glittered cupid and a sweet set of "X" and "O"....

   Do you see what I see?  Oh my goodness!  It is the most gorgeous ruffled apron!!  Don't you want one??!  Elise is thinking about opening an etsy shop and I am more than ready for her to do so!  She knows that I am in love with aprons and so she created this one just for me!  yippee!  I wear it all the time, even while I blog!:)  Love it!

   Peanut M&M's....  Darling container, too!  It's on my dining room table with the other valentine decorations, but it doesn't seem as full today...  hmmm.....

   Mandy is showing her beautiful valentine apron.  Elise made one for her, too!

   Here is a better picture of the containers Elise made.  Are they not precious??!  They were filled with candy, too!

   This little birdie is sooooo lovely!  Elise made it into a tassel for me!  Bird+tassel= a very happy Lori.:)

  My girls love the little doves, can you tell?

   My sweet friend, Tristan, also sent me some love yesterday!!  What a complete and wonderful surprise!  Look at these darling notepads!  Pink and green paisley- my favorite!  Thanks so much, Sweetie!   I cannot wait to use them!!

   Look how she packaged everything!  I am loving it!  Did you make the darling tag or was this one of Jes's or Jaime's lovely creations?:)

   Awhile ago I won a giveaway at Heritage Schoolhouse.  Look at the fun calendar!  I think Gooseberry Patch is wonderful!  Wait until I share the recipes with you...  The one for February is chocolate fondue!  
   My pictures are all wacky lately.  Sorry for the mix-up.  This is the bounty of treasure that Elise sent me!  Look at the darling tags!  You know, I have been keeping all the lovely tags that I receive and want to display them in some way.  Any ideas??  Elise???

   Thank you so much for all my lovely gifts!  I have to say that I am overwhelmed and delighted!!:)


Darlene said...

You got a BUNCH of love in your mailbox! CUTE, CUTE things in your Valentine swap!! I bet you had a huge smile on your face getting all those goodies.♥

KKJD1 said...

What wonderful goddies you all recieved! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Karen

Elise said...

Glad you like everything, Lori!!
Mind if I swipe one of your photos??

Anonymous said...

What a happy mail day! You deserve it all, Sweet Lori. :)

www.AForestFrolic.typepad.com said...

Oh YAY for all your wonderful GOODIES Lori...you deserve it after having no mail for 4 days...that's rough! Yippee for Tristan using one of my tags too, hehe. Although, I'll have to say Jes has way cute tags too ;-)

Tristan said...

So glad you liked them! And glad you got lots of love in your mailbox :)

Oh, and those are Jamie's lovely creations!!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am new to your blog but I love it lol And wow at the goods! I love it when things come in the mail! How sweet! I need your snail mail! You were the first to post a comment on the PIF even if you were not meaning to get something You will be lol!! My email is MemoriesbyOlenka@aol.com

Lindsay-ann said...

Thanks for showing your beautiful gifts Lori. They are all wonderful especially the aprons and the birds.

Heather said...

Now that is a lot of LOVEly mail! You and your girls deserve every bit of it.

The aprons are wonderful...Elise, open a shop!

Yarni Gras! said...

goodness what a great bunch of wonderful goodies! I LOVE everything!