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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Brunch

   I hope that each and every one of you had the most wonderful Easter.  Ours was wet and chilly, but we didn't mind too much.  It was a perfect excuse to stay inside and enjoy a heavenly Easter brunch!  It was Jeff's idea to get reservations at Ella's and it could not have been nicer!

  Ella's is a charming girl's dormitory that has been converted into an inn and restaurant.  There are vintage photographs all over that show some of the young ladies that lived there.  Don't you love buildings with history?  Enchanting...  The actor, Scott Wolf, (remember "Party of Five"?) had his wedding reception here.

   The tulips were breathtaking!

   Katie could not resist them, and neither could I!

   We all indulged a bit (perhaps more than that!) much.  Eggs Benedict, chocolate dipped strawberries, ham, roast beef, lamb, made to order omelettes, creme brulee and more- oh my!

   The sun decided to come out right as we were leaving, but the cold winds stayed.  I am ready for warmer weather- but not HOT weather.  I am a snuggle up kind of girl.:)

   Here is a picture of some of the lovely young ladies of yester year.  I wonder if they accomplished their dreams?

   This is my little family that I adore.  It was not nice of me to shoot them from below (double chins and all that), but I had to seize the moment!  They are getting tired of posing for me.  Anyone else have that problem?  Heather?:)

   I love how Jeff walked the girls in with his umbrella.  They wanted to include me but I had to take a picture.:)  Priorities, ladies!

   Here's another old picture.  I am charmed once again.:)  Do old pictures do the same thing to you?


Artfulife said...

Lori it looks like you had an amazing Easter weekend. I am with you on the old photos. They are so haunting. I collect them when i am able.

Tristan said...

I must say..that place has a perfect name..because it is beautiful :)

Uh, your girls are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Charming is definately the right word for that lovely little place! Oh, I LOVE old photos...I could spend entirely too much time just gazing at them and wondering all about them....who they were, what their lives were like, what they were thinking! Such sweet photos of your sweet, sweet family, too! But one problem.....WHERE WERE YOU? Behind the camera, I know, I know. ;) So glad you enjoyed your brunch!

Tristan said...

oh, and I'm sending off your package WED...so sorry it's taking so long! But when you live out in the middle of nowhere..lol..you have to PLAN to go to the P.O.!

April said...

Now, that sounds like my kind of place...delicious food and amazing surroundings! I love the picture of your girls and your hubby. So happy to hear that you had a wonderful Easter!

Sandy Toes said...

Such amazing pictures..I love her smelling the tulips.
sandy toe

Jill said...

OH MY!!! What a delightful place! What a precious Easter!- The girls looked beautiful!

(I am going to the shop- I have a "custom" idea)

Darlene said...

It looks like a beautiful place for your Easter brunch. Love the pictures.♥

Elise said...

That looks like a neat place!! I, too, love old places with lots of history. I went to an all women's college{the one year I went!!} and it was full of history. Love it!!

Rachel said...

What an amazing place! And those Tulips!! If only we could get spring to happen around here! Glad you had a wonderful Easter.


Michele said...

Hi Lori ~ what an amazing place to dine. Sounds like the food was scrumptious! Your girls are so beautiful...you should be proud mamma!


KKJD1 said...

Beautiful pics of the girls and hubby and some beautiful flowers too. Have a blessed week! karen

Kim said...

What a beautiful place! Mmm. Eggs Benedict is my absolute favorite!

I was thrilled that you made my recipe and that you enjoyed it!

Have a great night!

Amy said...

What a lovely place! I love old photos, too! The tulips are wonderful!

Rambling Girl said...

Hey Lori....

Oh girl looks like you had a wonderful Easter! Love the inn you went to and the old pics...I love looking at old pics also. Makes me think of what it might have been like.

What a beautiful family you have!

Heather said...

What a beautiful place to celebrate with your family. The tulips are amazing....oh to have a patch of them in my yard...oh right, I LIVE IN THE DESERT & those coyotes might eat em:)

Ruth said...

It looks like a great time!!

I love old photos, too. I am so ready for warmer weather but not hot. I like to snuggle, too.

How's homeschooling? Do you homeschool year round or take a summer break?