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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nancy Drew Swap!

I may have lost my mind, but I am ready to host another SWAP!  Yes, you read that correctly!  It is time for my first annual Morning Glories and Moonflowers Nancy Drew SWAP!  Sign up here!  Plan on spending around $20 (not including postage) to purchase/create a fabulous package of Nancy Drew goodies for your partner!  I have some wonderful ideas stirring around in my brain...  
      When you sign up, I will assign you a partner AND a Nancy Drew mystery to plan your package around! (If you have a special request, let me know when you sign up.)  For example, if you get The Clue in the Diary, you can buy/make your partner a fabulous diary/journal!  Color copy some Nancy drew images and get creative!  Then, add some fun mystery goodies that any sleuth would love.  A Nancy Drew book, perhaps?  Maybe a tiny detective kit?  Wouldn't it be fun to send a message in secret code?  **As always, please do not sign up if you do not plan on following through.  You must be willing to take the time to create a fabulous package for your partner (need not be expensive) that you would like to receive yourself.** 

   I will take sign-ups until May 9th (or until 19 people sign up) and assign partners by May 11th...

   Packages must be mailed by June 1st...

   Now let's have some fun!

1. The Secret of the Old Clock- Kathy(partner Janet)

2. The Hidden Staircase- Cara (partner Vicky)

3. The Bungalow Mystery

4. The Mystery at Lilac Inn- Fran(partner Kim)

5. The Secret of Shadow Ranch

6. The Secret of Red Gate Farm- Kim (partner Fran)

7. The Clue in the Diary- Ruth Ann (partner Heather)

8. Nancy's Mysterious Letter- Mary (partner Olenka)

9. Sign of the Twisted Candles- Amanda (partner Val)

10. Password to Larkspur Lane- Shawnee (partner Lori)

11. The Clue of the Broken Locket- Amy (partner Olenka)

12. The Message in the Hollow Oak

13. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm- Vicky (partner Cara)

14. The Whispering Statue

15. The Haunted Bridge

16. The Clue of the Tapping Heels- Janet (partners Kathy and Lea)

17. The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk- Wanda ( partner Tara)

18. The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion- Heather (partner Ruth Ann)

19. The Quest of the Missing Map- Trish (partner Molly)

20. The Clue in the Jewel Box

21. The Secret in the Old Attic

22. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall- Val (partner Amanda)

23. Mystery of the Tolling Bell- Lori (partner Shawnee)

24. The Clue in the Old Album- Olenka (partner Amy)

25. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall- Tara (partner Wanda)

26. The Sky Phantom

27. The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

28. The Secret of the Wooden Lady- Molly (partner Trish)

33. The Witch Tree Symbol- Lea (partner Janet)


April said...

I'm so bummed! I recently signed up the the Favorite Things Swap! If I hadn't, I would definitely participate in yours...I always LOVED Nancy Drew when I was younger! Maybe I can jump on the bandwagon the next time! Happy Monday!

Oh, and by the way, you and your mom look so much alike! Sounds like you're having tons of fun with her!

Unknown said...

I'm thinking that...hmmm, this would be a fun swap!

Count me in tootz

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I too have lost my mind--'cause here I am saying, "Me! Me! Sign me up, too, please!" I have The Case of the Broken Locket so that would be so awesome!!

You guys look like your having so much fun with your mom! Enjoy your visit!

Heather said...

You KNOW I am in! It sounds like it will be alot of fun!

It' an Evolution said...

Oh my heart...my childhood friend, Connie Kiefer and I would read these all the time. We were even in the local paper for reading so many. Although I don't remember that many ...yikes.
I have to look at my old collection and think about signing up as it sounds like lots of fun. Just have to get through this weekend.

Fran. said...

OMG! I have been waiting to see if you were gonna do this!! I have never done a swap before so I'll need all the help I can get!! LOL!! I love Nancy Drew so much!! I don't have a blogspot. I do have e-mail it's thebagglady@comcast.net. I'll keep checking it!!! I am so excited!! Thanks so very much, Fran.

Anonymous said...

Oy soooo scared but you know what sign me up but please help me out lol. I used to read these and love her but when it comes to swaps I never know what to do!!

Anonymous said...

ok i am in i loved nancy drew only have a few books left in my stash from childhood... The secret in the attic is one of them... so I am in on this... thank you..
Kim Snaza ( you have my email from the bright and happy swap)
thanks again for all my goodies.

Shawnee said...

Can I play? Let me know what you need from me...

shawneeh at yahoo.com

Wanda said...

I would love to join your swap....I love Nancy Drew and drag her books all over the world with me. :) Do we pick our own book or do you assign them? I can't wait.

Yarni Gras! said...

oh yeah! count me in.....perhaps the "Clue in the Crumbling Wall" please? pretty please? Out of your list, its the only one I have. All the ones I have are newer books....I even have one with a vampire on it! (Race Against Time) heeheehee!

Ruth Ann said...

Oh, please count me in! You always have the greatest swaps! This one is soo creative!

Molly said...

Oh my gees please please please count me in!!! I would love to be in this swap. I do have a request though, I would like to do my package on the secret of the wooden lady, if thats possible. Thanks for hosting!!!
~molly p

maryboys said...

i am thrilled to see this swap theme!!! i can't tell you how many times i have considered this idea - you read my mind:) i definitely would like to join in...

maryboys said...

oh - i forgot to tell you, i'd love to do "nancy's mysterious letter". here's my blog link: http://vintagepatina.blogspot.com".

Tara said...

Ooohhh--sounds so mysterious! Can I play?

Amanda from Seattle said...

I would love to join the swap. I have created many Nancy Drew crafts and even have a photo album of them up on my Facebook page.

-Amanda from Seattle

Amanda from Seattle said...

Oh, I forgot to specify a book....I am torn between Twisted Candles, Missing Map, Tolling Bell or Sky Phantom!! Might have to flip a coin or perhaps you can narrow it down for me.

My blog is:


Amanda from Seattle

Anonymous said...

I would love to sign up for the swap, is it still open??


Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to leave my contact info: mcasemclaughlin@bellsouth.net


Lea said...

I am little confused on how to sign up for this swap, but I'd really like to participate. Although you don't have it on the list, I would like to be assigned #33 The Witch Tree Symbol. Thanks!

-- Lea


grammatrish said...

this sounds like fun, the quest for the missing map is calling me!

Vicky said...

Hi, I just came across this swap and about fell over. I've done apron swaps and haven't looked into others. I have been a Nancy Drew fan since I read "The Mystery of the Ivory Charm" in the 3rd grade in 1960. I have all the ones from my childhood and now am finding the missing ones to fill in the gaps.

If you still have room, I would like this one. I do not have a blog, just an email - vickym70@aol.com Thanks Vicky

Kathy - mom of many said...

This sounds like fun, if you still have room, I'd like to join.

kathyh_fl (at) bellsouth (dot) net

maryboys said...

hello again:) do you have a partner for me yet...i know we had email trouble - but i'm just so eager to get in touch with my mystery partner!!!

maryboys said...

sorry if i posted twice...just some small technical difficulties:)

Kimberly said...

What a cool swap premise...and I have missed the deadline, bummer :( You should totally do another one of these sometime!

Mama from Sirpriz.com said...

I send you a kiss from France :o)
If you want to swap with me you can see my profil and pictures on http://www.sirpriz.com/mama
Have a nice day!!
Mama From Sirpriz