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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

   My Mom is coming for a visit next week!   Needless to say, we are more than excited!!  The girls and I have started cleaning, dusting, purging extra "stuff", re-organizing, washing, and straightening the house in an effort to make everything absolutely perfect. :) 

   We want our home to feel cozy, fresh and welcoming....  It won't ever be perfect, because perfect is boring, right ladies?:)

   I had a young lady create this drawing of my girls last Christmas.  I sent her some snapshots of my sweeties and this is what she came up with!  I love it!  She was home schooled and is now going to college on an Art scholarship.  When she was younger she did not care for drawing, but it was part of what her mother encouraged all her children to do.  You just never know, do you?

   Whoooo put this here??  It's my new favorite charm!  The eyes are Swarovski crystals!  Any owl lovers out there?  Don't forget!  My sale is going on through this Sunday!

   This sign is in my laundry room.  So true!

   My sister is in Ireland right now!  I am so thrilled for her.  I wonder what she is doing right now?  Taking pictures in a castle?  Walking the moors? (Is that only in England?)  Sitting in a pub visiting the locals?  (Angi- I asked if she would bring back a menu for you!)

   What do you prefer?  Black and white or color photos?  There is something so charming about black and white, but some pictures need to be in color...

   Look! There is my Mom on the right!

   Joy- I am using your ball of YUM as a topiary!  Jen thought of it first and I loved the idea!

   I love this picture.  It's in my breakfast area in the kitchen.  Can you see the new blue walls?  

   Here's another shot of the blue.  I think it's so fresh for Spring and it looks fab with Jen's banner!  I think I am going to make some smaller balls of YUM for the tops of the candlesticks...

   This morning all the napkins were askew in the pantry.  It looked BAD!  Katie and I gathered some baskets and tucked the little cuties in their new homes.  Nice and tidy!

   This is my living room.  I will show you our Media Room later.  It's scary at the moment, but that is going to change- soon.

   Thanks for stopping by!  I would love to host all of you someday.  My sweet friends and dear kindred spirits.:)


April said...

Oh, have lots of fun with your mom!
I love all the little additions to your home...makes it seem so warm and inviting. That owl charm is adorable! Can't go wrong with Swarovski crystals, right?

Tristan said...

Love it all!

and your sister is in...IRELAND, omg, I just can't even think of that without swooning :)
I took some crazy quiz..like where would your personality live..and guess what it said..IRELAND, Dublin actually..SIGH***

Oh, and I was also wondering..if you could put that "love birds" picture in a little fram hanging off of a braclet? Chris's grandma would LOVE that. Do you think that is something you could do?

Amy said...

Everything looks so great! Whenever cleaning goes on here the kids ask if my momma is coming! Is that the only time stuff gets cleaned up around here?? Have a fun visit!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Everything looks so nice and tidy... I am STILL in love with Joys birdie...

Julie said...

You have so many pretty things. I love the sign in your laundry room!
The black and white pictures are my favorite...Your girls are precious!

Ruth Ann said...

Very cute house! I love everything! Do you still have the contact info for the lady that did your girl's portrait? It's so cute! I would love one! And I love the topiary! Who is making those fabulous balls? I couldn't find a link. Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Kim said...

I love black and white and color! I agree with you, some photos just need color!

Have a nice visit! :0)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you -- nothing better than a visit from Mom. I love seeing your home. Also, the drawing of the girls is wonderful. XO Kimberly

jennykate77 said...

I have the same picture in my bathroom...like the one w/ the lady and the dogs and cats and French writing! I love that picture. Your house looks charming and oh-so-pretty! I love the napkins in the baskets.

Hope you're having a great evening!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Lori, I loved the tour of your home accessories! Everything is lovely and welcoming! Hope you have a great visit with your mom! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Elise said...

Lori, I love all the glimpses of your home!! SO sweet...and that sign in your laundry room is perfect and way too true.

Tristan said...

I don't have your e-mal..must not have saved it..so just let me know what it is :)

I will e-mail it to you..but I'm not sure how you could size it down..h... no idea..lol..if you can't make it work that's fine, I was just wonderin..so we'll see!

Jill said...

Enjoy your sweet time together! Everything looks so pretty...LOVE the chocolate sign!! :)

Sherri said...

Lori, that's great that your Mom is going to visit you! Looks like you are really sprucing things up for her arrival! Enjoy!

~ Roxanne said...

Jim mentioned that he was looking into flights for me to visit my mom for Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! I just love seeing how my friends decorate their homes :) that owl is sooo cute! you sure do have a knack for finding just the right charms.

funky bag freak said...

Lori your home is beeee-u-tiful! The drawing of your girls is fantastic, she is a talented gal. Thank you for thinking of me and asking the sis to bring me a menu, I love you!

Thank you for your sweet comments while I was out boobing.


Artfulife said...

Hope you have a fun time when your mom comes to visit. Your house looks so lovely. I'm sure there won't be much to do to get it ready. Hope you have a super fun weekend!

A said...

Lori, I've failed - forgive me! And please apologize to Angi. No menus to be found! It actually became a running joke during the trip. We mostly ate at pubs (the best deal, and nothing like eating in bars in the states), who write the daily menu on chalkboards. Another place had an enormous laminated menu that I was contemplating folding a million times and squeezing it in my camera bag, but alas, the server took them from us after we ordered! Argh. All breakfasts were at the b&b or hotel, so those never had menus. One day we splurged at a nice restaurant, but it was a buffet with the main menu behind glass at the entrance... *Sigh*

Ruth said...

love this post and all the great pics. Awesome.
I would love to visit Ireland.
Enjoy your mom.

Yarni Gras! said...

sounds like you are goin to have a great time with your mother!