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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joy, joy, joy...

I received the loveliest package in the mail last week from my bosom buddy and kindred spirit friend, Joy. I have to tell you that Joy is one of the absolute dearest people I have ever met in my life. She has so much love in her and I am utterly and completely blessed that she has chosen me as her friend. She inspires me through her words and through her art. Stop by her blog and you will see what I am talking about! She lives up to her name and then some.:)
Let me show you what I purchased from Joy's shop. Joy had a little giveaway last week and those who entered were given a 50% off discount! I jumped on that and headed right over because Joy ALWAYS has something that makes my heart go pitter patter....
Can you stand it??! A yo-yo swag! I got the last one, but if you are really lucky she might create a special order for you.;) Look at the colors, the patterns, the wooden beads!! I LOVE it!
Joy also promised me a little surprise (oh my goodness, I though!) but I will show you that in a bit...

Run out and get these this week. Oh my goodness, YUM! The Creme Caramel is decadent and indulgent- only 100 calories! There is also Chocolate Raspberry, Triple Berry and Lemon Torte. Mmmmmm.....

Here we go! Look at this fabulous pennant swag that Joy made for me!!! The colors are yummy and perfect for my Fall decor! (If you look closely you can see the little owls!) Doesn't it look like she took a peek into my house to see what I needed?:) Thank you Joy! (E-mail her if you want one, too! She may just put one in her shop- for you!)

And look at these little cuties that Joy made me! The little yellow sweetie has her leg raised for a kiss!!!! These little precious babies make my heart sing! Lucky for you, she has some in her shop! And get this- they are ON SALE, so hurry!

Wow! That got me all excited, can you tell? Now, for the events of today... I ventured out in the wilderness! Yes, I can do this on occasion, even though I am more of an "indoor girl". Tee Hee. See the deer? A Mommy and her two babies- beautiful.

Here the girls are at the end of the "trail". I am using that term loosely here, ladies. Come along and you will see what I mean...

This is part of an old house!

Ah, here we are. Yes, this is the trail! It wasn't all this challenging, but you get the idea.

This is better. Notice who is leading and who is the caboose. You know I have to be at the end to get the pictures. Right.

Here is Mandy venturing into a cave. There were so many! We had no flashlight so we had to keep spelunking to a minimum. This broke my heart.

Wonder what lives down there? Guess I'll have to find out next time.:)

My adventurers. I need to "Nancy Drew up" a little bit, don't I? I started to follow them and a big spider swooped down next to me. No joke. I took it as a sign. THERE ARE MORE OF MY KIND BELOW.

Ah, this is more my speed. Katie's new best friend from co-op classes made her a matching necklace. "Best Friends". It took my breath away. They call each other every day, using my cell phone minutes- and I don't mind a bit.:)

Look at the fairy house Katie made! She was so excited to go to class! A Fairy and Dragons class. What could be better for a 6 year old?

Here is my older Book Club class. We had one boy, but I think the girls scared him away. Can you blame him? Look at all that girl power! The girls made yarn dolls while we discussed Esperanza Rising. Such a great book...

My younger class will discuss this book next week. EXCELLENT. It made me cry- and think. Do yourself a favor and read it. It's not just for children...

My older girls are reading this book right now. I have not started it yet. I need to get my act together or it is going to be a long night as well as a long winter...

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Does it feel like Fall?


Anonymous said...

A big NO, it doesn't feel like fall. It is like 100 degrees in SoCal. My dh reminded me, "Babe, you know southern California is the desert, right?"

Tristan said...

Love the "trail"..lol!

Your girls are so stinkin' cute..I can't even take it!

And YES...it feels like fall!!

Artfulife said...

100 dress made me cry too. I think we have all done something as a child we are a little less than proud of. Very rarely do we ever have a chance to make it right. It's such a tender story. I read the whole series of Laura books to Sloan. My favorite was Farm boy, sometimes not included in the box sets, about Almonzo as a child. They are wonderful books. Both your girls would probably enjoy them. Looks like you are having a lovely time. Hugs-Summie

mysteryhistorymom said...

Summie- The girls and I LOVE the Little House series, too! We just finished reading and studying On the Banks of Plum Creek which was soooo good. Katie is taking a class right now on Little House on the Prairie and we discussed/studied Farmer Boy last summer. Such a good one! Lori

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

You bought her YUMMY YOYO swag!! I so thought about it and at 50% off... I am glad you got it! I went for the scarf! Oh happy day!

Robin Beck said...

Wow Lori aka Hiker Woman,
What a great post!
I love everything Joy made you-How very sweet of her.
The photos of the hike were wonderful-Glad you didn't get eaten by a spider!
We have had the most beautiful summer weather here, the clouds are just moving in and our temps are going to drop big time tomorrow and the rains are coming back then too~I'm looking forward to more Fall like weather.

P.S. Noelle and Tim (Grandpa) are sound asleep right next to me as I write this. So very very precious.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful day! And all the photos...love 'em. As for the weather....it was just a wee bit cooler today. Nice enough to open the windows for about an hour :-)

Unknown said...

Wish it was more fall-like in FL...somehow, it never does feel right having blazing sun this time of year!!

To get BIG pictures on my blog, I just uploaded them to Flickr and clicked the "ALL SIZES" above the photo. It gives you different size options and the HTML code for your blog. Hope that helps!

I'm working feverishly to get your swap box mailed out:D

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your lovely friend Joy sent you some gorgeous gifts. I love the little chicks and your mantle looks beautiful. You were so brave going on the wilderness trail! It looks a lovely spot. Glad you only saw one spider and no nasty snakes! Jessia thinks that Katie's little friend looks just like a mini Demi Lovato. The necklaces are as cute as the girls. The fairy house is adorable. I want to make one! You aways sound to have such fun at your book club. The yarn dolls look great. I remember making something similar but we plaited the wool and made eight legs for an octopus!
It's definatley fall here. We've had no rain for weeks (very ususual). There are piles of crispy leaves everywhere.

Kim's Treasures said...

WOW! You are a busy lady! The trail looked amazing! Very cool! So glad your daughter's are having a great time making best friends and yarn dolls! I think your book club would be pretty popular! Seems to me you make it fun! AND I will for sure be making one of those yo-yo swags! How cool is that!

Have a great day!

Jill said...

LOOOVE all your new "joyful" goodies!! Too cute! and the "fairy house...the B.F. necklaces...the yarn dolls...all just adorable!!!
Happy Fall!
p.s. I am hoping to ship Wed....the "crud" has found us...moving a little slower...

Unknown said...

i love the "100 dresses book" and the best friends necklace, how cute!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Today was the most fall-like day we've had!
Like your view of the trail! I am always the caboose, too--just in case they decide to turn around and go back, I'll be done first!

Ruth said...

Wow~what a great banner and I love that swap that Joy made. She has some great things.

So much fun going on a nature hike. It's on my to do list.

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Stop by.


Unknown said...

That yo yo swag is cute! Love it. I read 100 dresses with Hannah a few years back...it made me cry too. That is a wonderful book! I read all the Little House books and Hannah did too. They are my favorites!


Jodi said...

Nice surprises and great photos! It's finally starting to feel like fall here in NJ. It's about time..

Elise said...

LOVE the yo-yo garland!!!! That is super fabulous!!
Love the other goodies, too.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Great post! Looks like the girls had a great time. I had forgotten about the 'Hundred Dresses' book. Both my girls read it in Elementary School.
I scrolled down to see what your little one is going to model for the AG fashion show...Adorable!!! : )

~ Roxanne said...

Hello my friend!

Sydney and Parker have two weeks and a day off starting 10/09 and Hunter has the 9th off. Lets get together!

Sydney is participating in a book group through the library once a month. She just finished the 1st Harry Potter book! She can be determined when she wants to be.

I loved Esperanza Rising. We listed to 'The Long Winter' as a family and were amazed. They went through a very trying ordeal. We loved 'Farmer Boy.' We need to do the others!

The # of people we both know is growing. (Meredith & Erin)

Eileen said...

I got here!!
And no wonder I couldn't access your blog sometimes, I had the wrong blog address!!
I should have just kept going back into Jerelene's blog to one of your comments and then go through your profile.
I'm an idiot!

Anyway, I got your beautiful card today, THANK YOU!!
And thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with me.
This was a great post and I'm going to visit that other site too, really wonderful things you got!

I love hiking too, and we're hoping to do some rock scrambling before the Fall slips away from us.

And I'm going to take a little time now before dinner starts to read back some.

'Love your blog look! I'm crazy about owls!
I'll finally add your address to my blog roll so I don't get lost again!
All the best,

Krissy said...

Love love love the faierie house! What a fun project!!