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Monday, March 28, 2011

Workout Disguise

I spent some time with my old friends Oreos and potato chips this weekend. But, I have my head in the game again! How did you all do? I have started speed walking in the hood. I was self conscious before and always felt like I should stop and visit. Wanna know my secret? Slap on sun glasses and head phones and you are now in your workout disguise. No joke! People know you are busy and focused on your workout. You feel almost invisible! Wave and keep on going. You can always bring them a plate of cookies later.:)


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Well... I think weekends are for enjoying I may or may not have eaten a bag of mini cadbury eggs by myself... Monday through Friday's are for working out... hahaha

Polka Dot Moon said...

I find the more I work out, the hungrier I am and the more likely to eat "junk". I can eat fruit, veggies & healthy all day and not feel satisfied until I eat an entire bag of Trader Joe's Kettle Korn {no joke, last Monday}.

Love the disquise ;)

Jill said...

you are too cute!!- on the weekends I ALWAYS spend a lot of time with my good friends "cookies and chips"! and yesterday I blew it and had cake for breakfast! :) back on track again though today!

April said...

Too funny! I do the same thing when I go to our park for a workout...incognito all the way! I got tickled when I saw the picture I used on my post this morning pop up on your sidebar...YIKES!

Eileen said...

I always do that too! But that's not uncommon in my neck of the woods, everyone is either on their cell phones or listening to their ipods, especially if I trek into Manhattan, definitely no worries about having to stop and chat with anyone on the streets of NYC! They say eye contact is a sign of aggression here! (hee-hee)
I think I'm going to be in for a 'culture shock' when we move out of New York!

And good for not letting a little diet slip-up become a set back!
You rock!
Love to you, Eileen

val said...

what a great idea....but I still like the Groucho disguise best!