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Saturday, October 2, 2010

American Girl Class- Molly!

American Girl Class- Molly!

Patriotic- Red, White and Blue or a Costume!

World War II, rationing, Victory Gardens, Shirley Temple.
Being patriotic.
Using what you have or doing without.

We made patriotic journals with buttons, ribbon and

We also used jars (recycled!) and leftover tissue paper to
create decorative jars for holding pencils.

I love watching them form friendships. Precious girls.

Getting ready to enjoy Honey Cake and Shirley Temples (ginger
ale and grenadine syrup).:)

Then, we had to get out the wiggles...

So we could create again!:)

Honey Cake. No sugar or butter.

It smelled wonderful!

Most of the girls loved it! (Katie and I are holding out for
sugar. tee hee...)

Katie and I LOVED the Molly series of books. The movie was
*the pits*, in my opinion.

Next month... KIT!


Lindsay-ann said...

Your American Girl classes are wonderful Lori. Just looking at the pictures, I am amazed at what a great experience you create for the girls. I can tell what a really fun time they are having. I am loving all the red, white and blue and the table all set perfectly. I want to come next time! Can't wait to find out about Kit.

Robin Beck said...

Wow, it sure looks like you girls had a great time, on top of that the weather looked perfect!

What a fun group of young ladies!!!

They are blessed to have such a creative teacher~♥

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

FUN!! Whenever we would visit my grandfather he would always order us Shirley Temples! My sister and I always felt so special. The girls look like they had tons of fun!

Tristan said...

i just can't take it.
too much fun for one post..i wish i could of had this when i was little :)

what did you think of the felicity movie?

Oh..and I love the bathroom pics..hehehe..you both too stinkin' cute!

OH, and I just have to tell you that Taylor-Austyn is udderly obsessed with the blanket (not to mention the taggie..hehe) you sent her..my hubby says its because i always grab it first..but she just loves it. it's been with her from day one.
I am so happy that she loves it......and i love that it has two birdies for both of my babies.
It just means so much..and even after all this time..i just want you to know again..that we are ever so thankful :)