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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been a naughty girl.
For years I have trashed my body.
Junk food, little or no exercise, late nights and STRESS. I am the queen of it.
No more.
My body is speaking to me in no uncertain terms and I must get my act together.
God and I have been talking, too.
I am more than thankful He is in my life.

Now I eat homemade (quick cooking) oatmeal for breakfast.
It's good!
Add a bit of brown sugar and it's almost like a dessert.
Trust me!

I walked 3 miles with my partner tonight.
I even ran a bit!
It felt better than good.
Better than a brownie!
My New Balance shoes were worth the extra money.
You can get them at TJ Maxx.
Check it out!

Guess who I listened to on my Ipod?
Justin Bieber!
We saw his movie for the THIRD time today. (Jeff was such a sport. Yes, he liked it, too!)
It gets better each time. It pumps you up and the message is just what I needed.
His story is amazing.
Anyone that hates him is jealous. period.

If you have been thinking or like me- dreaming- of getting healthy, just do it.
I will be cheering for you. Pray about it and God will give you strength.

**And to celebrate your weight loss and new health, stop over at April's blog! She is having a Shabby Apple giveaway!!:)**


michelle edwards joy said...

Go Lori!!!!

Tristan said...

good for yoU!!!!!

i think i may have to add that movie to my netflix!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Lori I joined the gym last month {ours is closed on Sunday} I was wishing I could work out today... and that is CRAZY because EXERCISE was like a FOUR LETTER WORD to me {EVIL} that was before now my body craves it... Good for you...

Sheri said...

Good for you. I'm trying to do the same but I think you are way ahead of me. Your post gave me hope - I'm starting over today. Have a blessed day :)

April said...

GO, LORI, GO! Keep it up, girl! Yes, eating healthy and exercising do make such a difference! Stop by today, if you can...I'm having a Shabby Apple Giveaway! :)

Robin Beck said...

You are super cute! ;)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Good for you Lori!! I have heard that the Justin Beiber movie was great! I really like his video for Pray on Youtube.

Fran. said...

Hey Lori, you go girl!! Walking is the best exercise ever!! I love to do the one mile workout on our cable TV on demand. I can just click on it anytime and do it!! And it's the just do it thing!! So I have no excuses. The docter says it's the best exercise for me. And I love to ride my pink bike too! when the weather let's me!!! Keep up the good work and keep us motivated too!! XO Love ya, Fran.

Sherri said...

Good for you Lori!! You go girl!!

Elise said...

Lori, have you tried Bob's steel cut oats?? They take about 20 minutes to cut, or Alton Brown has an overnight recipe. So good!!! I love the chew-factor and you probably eat less, cause you are chewing forever!! I put a little half-n-half, brown sugar, and a teeny swirl of REAL maple syrup and its so good!!

Wendy said...

Awesome. Inspiring. I'm SO on board!! In fact, my sister and I were just talking about this today~ ways to get in extra exercise ("extra" because c'mon I have four kids that I wrangle and that counts for something!), foods we love that can be substituted for healthier alternatives.
Okay, it's ON.