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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pedicures and Milk Shakes

I scheduled a pedicure for myself today.
My tootsies deserve it- and it's calorie free!
Spring is here and it's time to wear my Yellow Box Flip Flops again.:)

Do you have some cocoa packets left over from the snow?
They are excellent for making milk shakes!
Hungry Girl says that the 25 calorie (below) Swiss Miss is yummy.
Get out your blender, pour a packet in, add about 1 cup skim milk and some ice cubes. Blend. Enjoy!

Someone told me about The Perfect Ten book/diet today. She lost 50 pounds on it and never felt hungry! Has anyone else tried it?

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Tristan said...

I'm thinking I may need a pedicure soon..haha!
Sounds like a good treat!

I'm so excited for you on your journey to be being a healthier person :)

April said...

I'm due for a pedi soon, too! It's always nice to do something for yourself for a change!

Eileen said...

Lori, I'm so happy you stopped by my blog today! I have seen so many new posts from you on my sidebar under your blog name for months now, but I am having so much trouble accessing so many blogs lately. I'm really thinking of giving up blogging, but, lucky for me today when I clicked on your name in the comment I was able to get here through your profile page (sometimes that works for me and sometimes not).
I'm thinking I will retire 'Umma's World' soon and maybe start a new blog. Someone told me my problems could be due to all the pictures that I've uploaded. Or maybe it's not Blogger at all, maybe it's my computer. I have no idea.

'Loved the picture that accompanied your post! But today is a mix of snow and rain here, I'm going to the salon this afternoon for a hair cut, but no pedicure yet.

Great idea about the shakes, and I would love to try that diet you heard about if it works. Let me know if you hear anymore about it.
Love to you,

Elise said...

Ahhh...flip flop season, LOVE it!!! I need to hop on the healthy bandwagon, myself.

val said...

oh what a great idea to use up all those Swiss Miss packets!

Lindsay-ann said...

I've never had a pedicure. I bet it feels lovely. The shakes sound a great idea.