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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tofino, Canada and the lovely Wickaninnish Inn

Tofino, Canada.
Never heard of it?  Well, it's my pleasure to take you there today.  It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited.

I'll start with the glorious Wickaninnish Inn.  It's a member of Relais & Chateaux which signifies how truly special it is.  We were spoiled the whole time with stormy ocean views, fabulous guest rooms, and the pleasantly friendly staff.  I can't wait to take you on the beach to explore!

The day we arrived it was raining and the waves were crashing.  Talk about atmosphere!  Made me want to sit by the fire and try my hand at writing a thrilling mystery.  It was beyond perfect for you stormy weather girls.

Below is the entryway of the inn.  The welcoming staff met us at the door then proceeded to escort us to our rooms.  Polished driftwood and lush bouquets were all a part of the poshly rustic decor. A cozy fireplace blazed against the far wall.

The rooms were beyond lovely.  Cozy fireplaces, heated floors in the bathrooms, and the view!  It was so fabulous that it appeared to be a movie we were watching.  I could've taken pictures from our balcony all day long.

It was amazing how the driftwood had been crafted into tables, chairs- even rockers.  Rustic and elegant at the same time.

The Wickaninnish Inn provides wellies for their guests as well as rain slickers.  They're especially helpful for beach exploring during high tide.;)

The library offered books, movies, puzzles and a telescope, for your viewing pleasure.  And again that view.  Breathtaking.  

(View from the library)

The inn is pet friendly so we met all sorts of lovely little furry friends.  Cashew, a precious little pug, was turning 1 on her stay and the staff provided her with specially wrapped doggie treats.  So fun!  (Cashew's owner just received her graduate degree, which was the real reason for the visit.(: )

Another peek at the library...

and a selfie, because-
why not?;)

We truly were only there for a few minutes, but I was able to capture (almost) everyone in one place. Sorry for the crazy number of pics!

My Mom and the girls working on a puzzle.  We wanted to do everything and nothing at the same time.  (I was so jealous of the surfers on the beach.  They looked like they were having the best time, even though it was freezing outside. I like to believe that I'm a way better reader than they are so we're even... Right?)

A wall carving of the Wickaninnish Inn.

This is the inn's cafe.  The piece of driftwood made into a bar was magnificent.  

So beautiful how they incorporated lush nature everywhere.  Someone knew exactly what they were doing.  Masterful.

Any Twilight fans?  Portions of the movie were filmed in Tofino.  I'm going to have to watch it again to see if anything looks familiar.

See the little cups on a chain on the right (above)?  They fill up with water when it rains and the trickle down effect is completely relaxing.

We spent part of one day exploring the town of Tofino.  It runs on "Tofino time" and no one appears to rush or be worried.  The people are really friendly, the shops are quaint, and everyone. surfs.:)  (It's the surfing capitol of Canada, after all!)

Seaplanes are frequently sighted and boats are docked everywhere just waiting for an adventure.  Reminded me a bit of Harper's Island.  Good thing I wasn't attending a wedding...

The main color is green and it's glorious.  This sweet church is tucked away behind the trees and I wished that I couldn't attended church there, just once.  Such charm.

These buoys called my name.  I mean, look at that sign!  And the gate was hiding something even more delightful...

More buoys, a path covered in petals, a stunning tree and a walk to the water.  Lovely, just lovely.

The oyster shells at the bottom of the B&B sign.  Just too fun.

This pretty much sums it up.

A local coffee shop- Tuff Beans.  Amazing Caramel Macchiato and Hot Chocolate.  Free wifi.  I wanted to go back but there just wasn't enough time.

I wanted to try surfing.  I really did.  But the rocky coast, the threat of sharks and the cold temps held me back.  

It sure looked like fun, though.  Robin, maybe you'll take me someday?

Just couldn't get the right angle on this church.  It's glorious how the cross stands out against the dark mountain, though.  How comforting to see reminders of God even when far from home.

A little video from our room.  We kept our balcony door open a bit at night so the ocean could lull us to sleep.  

Next post I'll take you on the beach!


Jeanne said...

Oh my good ness! This place looks like it needs to go to the top of my bucket list to visit. I love your photos and even though it is 1:40 in the morning, I am going to look it up and book mark it. Looks like a wonderful place to go and visit.
Also HOW EXCITING THAT I WON YOUR GIVEAWAY!!!! My email is jstonefnp@yahoo..com. If you will email me, I'll send you all of my informaiton. Not exactly sure how to email you..??? but will send you the info right back as soon as I hear. Thank you so much. I will also be watching all of your posts on this area as it looks like a place I seriously need to go. Hugs to you and so glad you had such a wonderful time! Jeanne

Jeanne said...

I stopped by earlier to leave a comment, but don't see it here yet?? I love your shots, and have already bookmarked this hotel as a place I will have to visit. It looks amazing. Also, just in case this earler comment somehow did not make it through ( I did it at 1:30 in the morning, I am so excited to be your giveaway winner and have already sent you and email. This trip you did looks amazing. Looking forward to more shots of this place.

Anitha said...

Such a wonderful place to visit. love the driftwood furnitures and bar. Tofino town looks so lush and amazing view. You've captured the beauty of the town so well! have a wonderful day:)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, the inn looks just as special and wonderful as you described to me. The views are breath taking and all that driftwood is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the video clip, I loved seeing your sea view, wow. It was great to see you all enjoying the library and you look so cute Lori in the selfie you took :) Some of the pictures and pretty buildings did remind me a bit of Harpers Island but you were not attending a wedding so you were fine! I hope the church didn't have one of those hanging chandeliers inside!!! Can't wait for your next post about the beach. Lindsay x

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

I heard about your trip from Amanda and said that all of you are really loving it in Canada. I just hope you don't bump into Justin Bieber though because I heard rumors that he had recently gotten deported back there. I never was a fan of the Bieb's but my cousin told me because she had ripped all of the Justin Bieber posters off her wall. Anyway, keep posting lovely photographs!?!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Jeanne- You truly must go to Tofino- as soon as possible. It's heaven on earth. I can only imagine the pictures you could capture as you're such a talented photographer! Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Anitha- Thank you so much for your sweet words. I cannot wait to go back to Tofino. Perhaps next time I will go surfing.:) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Lindsay- Thank you, dear sister! I wish my video had sound but it doesn't for some reason?? sigh... I'll try to send you a link with sound. It really is thrilling and I'd love to go there with you someday.:) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Rhoda- Your comment made me laugh!:) I'm actually a huge fan of Justin Bieber and we saw him in concert last year. He's really talented but so lost and living "in the world". He knows the Lord but the bright lights and bad influences have him down the wrong path. He's making all the wrong choices and I'm quite frustrated and angry with him right now! Sorry to say I knew it was coming.:( Lori

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What a beautiful place!!!

Unknown said...

OMG I love this! It looks so fun. I need a vacay.. lol!

Beca said...

Looks like such a beautiful place. A place to return to again and again. I've never been to Canada but I hope to someday. The nature vacations are my favorite kind. I'm always sad when they come to an end too. It looks like your family enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Wow! (Let me spell that backwards! !woW) I've never been to that part of Canada (just Toronto), but it reminded me of Maine. Absolutely wonderful. Don't apologize for the number of photo --- they're so good. I'm delighted for y'all --- memorable times, I'm sure.

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

Oh, I hope I didn't offend you in any way whatsoever with my comment but at least it made you laugh. He still has his Belieber fans although I do agree that he is making a lot of wrong choices. If it makes you feel better, I'll be a singer when I'm older and make a song with him. Ha ha! But don't worry, I have a few of my own celebrity crushes. Colin Kaepernick ( SF 49ers quarterback), Tim Lincecum (SF Giants player), and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors player) are my 3 main crushes. They are all athletes though and not singers. ^_^

As for the surfing, my brother-in-law surfs whenever he gets the chance at the beach with one of my older sisters. You should totally come to California though! I'm sure you'll love it.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Rhoda- You didn't offend me in the least, sweetie!:) I would love to come to CA someday. We would all have the best time together- and perhaps your brother in law can teach us how to surf.;) Celebrity crushes are fun, aren't they?! Lori

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

I'm glad I didn't offend you but that still doesn't change the fact that I dislike JB. I know! We all would have so much fun together and I'm sure my brother-in-law will be willing to teach you how to surf a lot. Celebrities are so much fun to look at! My main celebrity crush is Colin Kaepernick though.


Robin Beck said...

I'm just now getting time to read everyone's blog posts that I missed from being on vacation! You know I'd take you surfing-But we would start in a warmer less stormy place! Ocean shores or La Push. :)
I loved all the pics you took-So beautiful Lori.
I am going to Canada in August...Tim is taking me to zip-line for my 50th birthday!
Something I've always wanted to do!
You guys need to move over here!