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Saturday, April 12, 2014

first class and the fairmont

Let me take a teeny step back to the day before we left for Canada.
We boarded Snookie (The ladies there LOVE him and call him Mr. Snookie.  They even come running out when he arrives.  No joke.  They have no idea what our names are.)

Ruby doesn't do well with being boarded.  She gets terribly stressed and sheds like Pigpen.  Fresh air and lots of love is more her style so off we went to grandma's house.:)

A peek at our attempts to travel lightly.  We're getting better.
Kind of.

Above the clouds with blissfully smooth air.  Thank you, Lord.

My parents were more than generous and booked us seats in First Class!  (They know I have a fear of flying.)  I felt a bit guilty, well, a lot guilty (my husband and Katie were in coach), but blessed at the same time.  They were stuck in the back next to a lady with a terrible cough and extreme dandruff. (When I first saw her I thought it was LICE and started fiercely praying.)  Oh, my.  
When we landed Katie told me she saw the lady making a list of why she hated her life.  Poor thing.  Would you please join me in saying a little prayer for her?

On the other side of the curtain, we were treated to a Mediterannean snack tray and other goodies.  (Have any of you enjoyed the hot towels?  Oh my goodness.  Heaven.) Airplane food is never fabulous, but being treated like queens made us feel incredible.  I sampled a bit of everything.  Who knows if we'll ever sit in first class again?

The flight attendant, who was amazingly friendly, asked if I'd like some wine with my meal.  (Notice I'm enjoying Coke in the above picture.)  Anyone who knows me well knows I don't enjoy wine, but let me tell you- I sipped some anyway!  I asked him to surprise me with white or red and he brought me BOTH!  (I drank the white but couldn't handle the red. Bleh.)  Then he asked if I'd like some more.  I felt so spoiled and enjoyed every second.

After surviving customs we walked to the Fairmont hotel as it's located IN the airport.  Nice.  We enjoyed room service and felt like we were certainly living la dolce vita!

A little peek at the Fairmont's darling chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. In the shape of airplanes!

Each room has a pair of binoculars so you can watch the planes landing/taking off.  My parent's suite had a telescope.

The view from our room.  You couldn't hear the planes at all.  We had a delightful night's sleep.

I wish there had been more time to sit and watch but breakfast (as well as my parents and sister) awaited us on the club level.

Bagels with lox and cream cheese, pastries, a delightful variety of beverages and other breakfast delights graced our plates.

Such a treat and we wanted to sample it all.

The English/French writing on packaging is always so fun to see.  You know you're not in the U.S. anymore!

We enjoyed our yummy breakfast and then headed out to our next adventure-

the ferry to Victoria, B.C.!

The day had just begun and we still had ferries to ride and miles to drive.  My kind of Amazing Race.  No million dollars at the end but even better- memories to make, pictures to take and lots of meals that I don't have to bake.:)


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, I really enjoyed hearing about your time at the airport hotel. I never thought that an airport hotel could be such fun! The plane shaped shortbread cookies looked so cute. I am glad that you were made a fuss of in first class. On our second trip to Florida we flew premium economy which was a bit like first class, we were at the front of the plane behind the curtain! We had the hot towels and a bigger choice of food which we really enjoyed. It really was an adventure for you all and I can't think of better travelling companions than your Mom and Dad! Maybe your Dad will have some new funny stories next time we see him ;) Glad Ruby had a little holiday too. Lindsay x

Mary Ann Potter said...

Completely special there. Such a happy post. The Lord has surely blessed y'all with a good time; He has fun when we do, too!

Rho said...

Hi Lori!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the flight and dealt with your fear of heights with a fiery passion. I really would love to see more photographs from the that you did there! Tell Amanda I said hi for me.


Robin Beck said...

Nice! First class-You may never go back now! I made the mistake of paying extra for the balcony suite on a cruise I took-now you couldn't pay me not to have a balcony suite! Loved all the pics and loved your sisters red coat!!!!
Oh, and I loved your outfit in the selfie you took on the last post!!!! I don't know what you are doing but you look younger and younger each time I see pics of you!

M.K. said...

What fun, and what a lovely trip -- you did get spoiled :) The flowers are so pretty. Those windows must have been sound-proof, to be so close to the runways. Glad you had fun!