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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nancy Drew computer games

   I have always loved Nancy Drew.  I wanted to BE Nancy Drew.  She always had a plan, was level headed even in the most dangerous situations, plus she always looked great and had a fun car.:-)  Truthfully, I was much more like her friend, Bess, who was a bit on the chunky side and scared easily!  Luckily, my girls also like Nancy and we listen to the books on tape, watch the old TV shows, and really enjoy the computer games.  This is the newest one that we are playing together:

   The are really challenging, so don't be fooled by the age range!  They are also educational (just don't tell your kids!).  Check one out from the library and I guarantee you will be hooked.  Mandy and I have been playing them together since she was 5.  They have just enough intrigue to be compelling, but they are not gory at all.  If you go to herineractive.com you can get lots of hints.  You will need them!  


Megan said...

Lori!! I just got my package!! Thank you so much! I love that movie...I love Drew!! I don't have it, but it is one of the those movies that I could watch over and over!! Thanks for the candy!! I am hiding it from my hubby!! You are the best!!

~ Roxanne said...

My list of books to read to the children just got longer! Nancy Drew computer games? I never knew!

It looks like I need to renew my membership to the Roger's Library the Bentonville's book on tape section for kids is almost non-existent.

Beth said...

My mom gave me a bunch of her old hard-covered Nancy Drew books. My three-year-old likes them and actually will sit for quite a few chapters at a time. I'm going to see if the library system around here has them. Thanks for the tip!

Robin Beck said...

I loved the Hardy boys~ Shaun Cassidy & Parker Stevenson- I was so in love with Shaun Cassidy! :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

I loved reading Nancy Drew books and when the TV series came out, I wanted to be her! Didn't mind the Hardy Boys either ;) My first crush was Shaun Cassidy who played the younger Hardy.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Ladies- Shaun Cassidy was my first big crush, too! I got to see him in concert- twice! "Da Doo Ron Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron Ron!":-)

Elise said...

I love Nancy Drew too!! I always liked how she left a piece of herself behind in case she was taken. Smart girl that Nancy.
Oh, did you notice that Bunch of Scrap is hosting a Thanksgiving Mini Swap??

mel said...

Oh, I had all the ND books when I was growing up, read them over and over again. We love the computer games here too. :)