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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Things about Little Old Me...

My friend Robin tagged me!  I need to write 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 other people to do the same.  I am tagging Jessica, Heather, Beth, Rhonda, Roxanne and Sherry.

1. I read things backwards on billboards, signs, etc.  It's a crazy habit.  I don't do this when I read books- just short phrases, snippets of things.  It's amazing how easily I can do it- without even thinking!
2. I love hosting mystery parties and would love to host them at my own bed and breakfast someday.
3. I loved reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when I was young.  Did you ever have those?  I have kept them to this day and now Mandy reads them.  They are the best.
4. I think Dr. Phil is an arrogant jerk.
5. I like watching "America's Next Top Model".  It's a guilty pleasure and makes me happy that I never was a model.  You know I was going to be one at one point, right?  lol!   But seriously, I love seeing how some people photograph so beautifully- even though they are not the most attractive in real life.
6. I can curl my tongue.  It's genetic.  Either you can or your can't.  Can you?:)


Artfulife said...

I too am very excited/concerned about this upcoming election. Although I may not agree with all that Obama stands for (I think he's a little too cocky) I just wanted to let you know I have the official scoop on that anthem thing,(it isn't what you think) I will send it your way later this weekend. I do really like McCain, I think he loves our country and truly wants what's best for our future. I also think Palin could be great for our country also. Hope I'm not getting too political. I like to know the facts even if it's someone I am not too crazy about. Will email that soon.

Elise said...

I agree with the Dr. Phil thing, but I don't care for Oprah, either. Not since she supported Ellen's coming out. I don't care if she supported her or not, but I recall a girl on her show asking how if Oprah is a Christian how she could agree with that and Oprah was very rude and had the girl crying. I think you could be a model, you are beautiful!! Half those girls are not especially pretty in my opinion.
Anyhow, hope you are having a great weekend!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I think it's a lot of fun to learn snippets about our blog friends and sometimes how much we all have in common!

Your "Dr. Phil" comment gave me a big chuckle ;)

Have a great weekend!

Robin Beck said...

Okay...What Elise wrote I say too. I agree with her. Though I do pray for Oprah and hopes she sees the light someday.
On the Dr. Phil deal, "HOW's that working for you?" Sorry I had to mock the doctor. (you really made me laugh with your dr phil comment!

I cannot curl my tongue but have tried when I was young till it hurt.
I bought a bunch of those "choose your own adventure" books for my friend Karen's son-He loves them.

Survivor starts next week right? Sooo exciting.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I can curl my tongue, too! The Dr. Phil thing made me laugh, too!

Sherry said...

Yes, I can curl my tongue..just did it to find out!!! I'll post about me soon!

farmerjulie said...

very cute. i went to the Dr. Phil show once. and it was freezing in there. They put all the nicley dressed people in the front.

i liked your answers. and i love that pic with the buttons on the gourd or pupmkin. way cute!

Tristan said...

I feel the same about Dr. Phil..WHY is he still on T.V.!!

cherry said...

Ok we have some things in common. I LOVED choose your own adventure stories...my mom got rid of them all. I have been lucky enough to find a few here and there at garage sales for my son. My fave one ws the haunted house one it had a black cat on the front cover. I also think Dr. Phil is a jerk too. AND I love black/white pictures...have many of my ancestors..I love your pumpkin with buttons toooooooo cute. cherry

Tracey said...

Lori, Not only can I curl my tongue, I can whistle throught it. Can you do that???

Tracey said...

I believe Oprah and Dr. Phil are getting into things they shouldn't be in, politics etc.
also, I can curl my tongue aND whistle through it....... Can you?

Tracey said...

I believe Oprah and Dr. Phil are getting into things they shouldn't be in, politics etc.
also, I can curl my tongue aND whistle through it....... Can you?