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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flurries of Fun

Things are hopping here at our house! The countdown to Christmas has begun, as well as birthday parties, end of the semester co-op classes, Nutcracker rehearsals, karate testing and on and on.... Are you as tired as I am??

This week we are discussing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Princess Academy in my Book Club classes. The beginning of snow globes are scattered around my kitchen...


Katie has decided to have a Half Slumber Party for her birthday. We are going to do all the fun things that slumber parties are famous for- games, crafts, food and a movie- and then everyone gets to go home and be cozy in their own beds.:) The colors will be hot pink and black- like the American Girl Place! There will be a focus on Tinkerbell, too- Katie's favorite.:)

Katie and I had such fun making the invitations! Choosing fabulous paper, punching out shapes and coordinating sparkly brads- LOVE it!


I am hoping to put some new pretties in my shop, but with the flurry of activities I am not sure when....


I am currently taking special orders and completing them as quickly as I can- for those smart early shoppers.:)

If you see something that you like or would like for me to make something unique for you, feel free to contact me. Lori toosillysisters@cox.net








OH, I ALMOST FORGOT! I will be having a giveaway tomorrow for my lovely followers! I adore you all! You don't have to do a thing- just be one of my followers and you are entered.:) Isn't that fun?



Candice @ Made With Love said...

It's definitley a busy time of year! I loved the flowered invitations and can't wait to see the finished snowglobes!

Tristan said...

oh, I want to come..how fun!

Your such an awesome mommy :)

Eileen said...

This post is just so pretty!
Every picture!
I love it all!
And I'm very curious about your snow globes!

The party sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Your daughter is a lucky little girl!

And I love every bracelet!
I think the pretty white sparkly button bracelet is perfect for the holidays!
I'll email you before it gets too late!
Great post!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Yea! I am entered! :)
Love all your stuff...and the snow globes sound very interesting!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

So that is what you needed 12 baby food jars for... hahahaha Looks like LOTS of crafting is going on in your house!

Robin Beck said...

Wow girl, just reading all you're doing on your blog makes me tired!!!! I'm with you though. I found out they want to give me LOTS of seasonal hours at See's so I'm running around like crazy! I got Timmy and Ronnie into the dentist today, I go to the dentist myself tomorrow. I got my hair cut a lot shorter today too. I'm slowly getting it cut to be your length (I'm not there yet)
I'm getting ready to sew now.
I start work Saturday night so my holiday season is going to be somewhat rushed! Egad.
Love the snowglobes, the bracelets, THE INVITATIONS! Everything looks lovely as always!


Yarni Gras! said...

oh! I hope I win........but on another note, I am DYING to see those adorable snow globes all made up!!!!! I adore snow globes, collect them in fact. You MUST share how you make them and show us PHOTOS!

Good luck with the b'day preparations, I know it will be FAB!

Rachel Berry said...

Yup I'm already tired and we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet! ;) Although, I'm happy to say I have most of my Christmas shopping done already. I've decided I want a stress free Holiday, not shopping with the masses this year.


Jill said...

YES, I AM as tired...and sick of being sick and tired!!! :) LOVE seeing a peek at Katie's b-day...You'll see a peek at Ryan-Elizabeth's tom. or friday...(you already know the details :)!)

Anonymous said...

Loving all the new bracelets Lori and what a cute birthday theme! Our October was a whirlwind...glad it's calming down a bit before the big Christmas rush.

Jamie :)

Darlene said...

It sounds like you are quite the busy lady right now (well always!!). The invitations look so cute. Of course your bracelets are beautiful!

Are you making snow globes? Have you shared how you make them before on your blog? If not could you share because Lexi will have another Mini Society right before Christmas and that might be a cute thing to make and sell along with the Christmas magnets we will make.

Ruth said...

Wow~you are a busy lady!! I love those flowers for the invitations. The book club sounds like so much fun. The snow globes will be so cute.


Shell in your Pocket said...

How pretty!
sandy toe

Unknown said...

Hi Lori
You are taking such great photos!
They all look beautiful on your blog!
I can't wait to see the finished snowglobes!

Susan said...

I love snow globes. You know Christmas will be here soon.
Love the colors of your braclets, very creative.

Angie said...

I love the close up pictures..so much color! It makes me happy looking at all of your work!

Both of my kids' birthdays are weeks apart pretty soon..so I understand the birthday panic! We made the snowglobes for girl scouts using the baby food jars. Just a tip, our items ended up floating around in the globe after attaching them with hot glue..so I switched it up and used Liquid Nails. That worked perfectly. What a great book to be working on, too. It makes me want to re-read it again! I think I might!

Jerelene said...

Hi Lori! I e-mailed you :)
I love, love all your bracelets..you are so talented and they are beautiful...just like you!
The half-slumber party sounds like a winner to me...
I would love to know how to make the snow globes...that would be so fun to do with Sam!
I love the black and pink flowers..pretty!!
Please..Please share with us how to do the snowglobes :)
Love You!! Jerelene

Allyson said...

I can't wait to see the snow globes. Those look so cute. How do you do it all? It's all so pefect -- and not boring, at all!!! So impressive!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

You are so incredibly creative! It's mind boggling to me! If 52 isn't too old, would you consider adopting me?

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Definitely tired! Yes, everyone here is saying, "When are we getting our Christmas tree?" Can't wait to see the snow globes! So cute so far. And the invites......!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh -- how I love the busyiness of it all. The Katie party invites are super cute too. XOXO

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I think the Half Slumber Party is a fantasic idea. I am sure Katie is so excited about it. The invitations are looking so pretty. Tinkerbell is a lovely theme too. You are going to have so much fun, I just know it. Love the snowglobes too, what a super idea.

Fran. said...

Now I see why you were looking for baby food jars!! My goodness looks like you've been as busy as me! but somehow you have the energy to blog!! Please send some of your energy up here to Michigan to me!! LOL Finally finished up the craft show at church!! I have my surgery again this Friday, but will be crafting from the couch making goodies for the Santa workshop from the school I love to do!! It's Dec. 4th!! The kids are so cute!! XO Fran.

Robin Beck said...

Okay, where is my little sister? I haven't heard from you by E mail, facebook or blogging in a day or two... I'm getting "a little" concerned!

Did you see that I won the 3 recipe books from Gooseberry patch's blog? They put me on their blog, twitter and Facebook! I've had a lot of traffic today on my blog!

I miss YOU!