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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You and 1 more day!

This is my dear friend, Fran. We met
during one of my Nancy Drew Swaps!
Fran is such a dear heart and loves
to craft!

Here are some of her hand made
treasures. I love everything- especially
the pillows!
Fran is also thinking about opening a shop.
Please do Fran, and hurry!:)

Fran has offered a treasure to our BINGO
winner! Look at these sweet little shoes. She
has made them into pincushions! So precious!

The winner gets to pick the one she
likes the best. How lucky! Thank you,
Fran! Please stop by Fran's blog and
say something nice. She is a sweetie

I have to tell you that I am
absolutely overwhelmed
with all the lovely donations
to my BINGO game. Thank
you so very much to all
of you that have given a
prize. You are the BEST!:)

***Tomorrow is the last day of
our game, Sweets! Keep up
the good work! Don't forget to
e-mail me by midnight tomorrow
(Wednesday) night with your total
number of squares completed. I
cannot wait to see who the winner
is!!!*** toosillysisters@cox.net


Tristan said...


You are loved, that is why :)

I've been far to busy to participate in the bingo :( maybe next time!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your friend Fran makes some gorgeous things. Thanks for giving us a peek today.

Molly said...

I love those dolls!! And the pincushions are so sweet!!
~Molly P

Yarni Gras! said...

that little scuffed brown shoe is screaming at me....must win!

I went to Fran's blog and she is talented....thanks for pointing me in her direction and thanks for hosting sweetie.

Fran. said...

Well I am flatter!! Thank you so much!! This bingo thing has been very motivating to me!! Got quite a few cleaning squares marked off!! Yay! Lori we'll have to do this more often!!! LOL Can't wait to see how everyone did!! XO Fran.