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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the three men I love most in the world....

My Dad is so much fun, always ready to try anything, a gifted musician and carefree! Love you, Dad.:)

I love the relationship that Jeff and my Dad have together. They are like
little boys- always up to something!

Grandpa John is wonderful! I can't imagine what would happen if we got
these guys together- the Three Amigos!:) He is game to try anything once,
loves the outdoors and still loves me. tee hee... Love you, John.

My sweetie, Jeff, is always there for me. He is such a good sport living
with 3 girls (Ruby makes 4!), he knows how to make me laugh and even
helps me with my blog! There is nothing he can't do- except order at the
drive-thru window.:) Love you, Sweetie. You are the best.

Happy Father's Day!!!

***Please let me know if you are having trouble reading my blog. Some
people are having issues while others are just fine. Thanks!:)***


Lindsay-ann said...

I hope all of them are having a wonderful Father's Day. Love the picture of Grandpa John and the American Girl doll! You are so lucky to have them in your life. Sorry to hear that Jeff can't order at the drive thru window! Now that's something that Tim can do very well! Unfortunately though he can't build playhouses or help me with my blog!
Tim and I our missing our Dads today but we know they are watching over us. Jessica bought Tim a chocolate football boot and we are going to help him eat it later;) It is quite appropriate as the England team seem to be about as useful as a chocolate football boot at the moment!

michelle edwards joy said...

Love the photos!

Robin Beck said...

Such a darling post Lori!

As far as reading your blog I can read it but your sentences run all the way to the right of the page through your Etsy shop and the books you have read etc. etc.
I bet you can fix this by hitting "enter" after every 7 words or so. Would you like me to print screen on what I see on my computer and E mail it to you so you can see what some of us are seeing?
We are having a very relaxing day here~ It's nice.


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What a great group of guys! Rusty has trouble ordering at the drive-thru, too. Maybe it's a man thing!

Tristan said...

what a sweet post :)

Lori said...

How lucky you are to have these three men in your life and the lives of your daughters. Real men!

I agree with "The Robin's Nest"'s comments about your blog. Your sentences run all the way through to the other side.