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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guard Cats, Silly Bandz and Etiquette Class

Just me and Ruby here. It's amazing how that little nugget can
soothe me. I got into a little "debate"this week with some members of our homeschool group over shooting dogs. But that's another story...

Loving my new iPhone. Absolutely. She has a lovely new
Seaglass Blue Candyshell case and my, my, does she feel
pretty. I am finally get the knack of all the goodness
iPhones have! Below is a picture I took while we were
PF Chang's yesterday:

While I write this, Snookie is guarding our front door.
Attacking birds, perhaps? So good to have a Guard Cat.

We went to went to Borders yesterday for a Silly
Bandz Swap. Have I told you how much I LOVE Borders?
They offer a wonderful teacher's discount, are extremely
friendly and helpful, will let you host FREE birthday parties
there (complete with a hostess that will read stories and do
games with the children + a nice party room), and have
fabulously fun activities for kids.

I think I could live there. Nice cafe, clean bathrooms, cushy
chairs and all the books I could ever read.

They even served refreshments at the swap!

The etiquette class was wonderful. Once upon a time
the teacher was Miss Arkansas! She is an absolute sweetheart
and truly cared about the girls. Not only that, she loves the
Lord- and it showed. The girls left with the ability to set the
table for casual and formal occasions, polite phone,
conversation and texting skills. They also learned personal
care, how to act during a job interview, how to sit and walk
properly and more.

Watched The Big Lebowski last night. Weird.
My newest adventure is teaching an American Girl
class in my home! I am so excited! I have a full class
already- and even a waiting list. Now I have to start
planning the magic!:)


Darlene said...

Great pictures!! The girls all look so cute from the etiquette class. What FUN to go to a silly bandz swap. Lexi LOVES silly bandz and even got two more packages yesterday while we were out and about. Ruby and Snookie are just precious. Shooting dogs?!?! NO WAY....that is just not right!!!! The American Girl class sounds like tons of fun. You better get busy.♥

Sherri said...

Great photos! What fun that swap was!! The American Girl class sounds like the girls will be having alot of fun in the near future! Have a good one!

Connie said...

I love the etiquette picture! Such cute girls.
Your cat looks big enough to be a guard cat!

A Forest Frolic said...

Holy moly, that's a lot of silly bands! And etiquette class? Sounds lovely, like maybe I should send my girls there, tee hee ;) Love the guard cat!

Jamie :)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I'm in love with Borders myself! I go there at least 2x a week! Didn't know about the bday parties though! Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

LOVE the etiquette class! I've been thinking about finding one here in Tucson for my daughter.

I'm teaching American Girls this year too! It's such a great way to get girls interested in history!

Silly Bandz are just hitting AZ...uh oh!

Tristan said...

i'm moving you to indiana,okay?

hehe!!! you girls have so much fun!!

an american class sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Magnolia Rose said...

How does a person just shoot a dog? I cannot even wrap my brain around that. And I am an admittedly non-animal person. Crazy!

val said...

love the photos...the swap sounds like fun...wonder if they do those at our Borders...
shooting dogs, purposely running dogs and any other animal over...I've heard it all. Such a sad thing...some people just aren't happy unless they are hurting others....

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your Borders Shop looks such a fun place for kids. I don't know any bookshops over here that are as child friedly as that. Love the refreshments they served too. I have not seen the Silly Bandz over here yet! Glad the etiquette classes are going well and your American Girl Class too. Wish I could come to that.

jennykate77 said...

I LOVE Borders! I didn't know you could have B-Day parties there! Thanks for that tidbit of info! Your upcoming homeschooling stuff sounds SUPER exciting! I'm sure your American Girl class will be full of magic!

Love you little guard kitty! :)

iPhones are sent straight from heaven. Do you have a 4 or a 3Gs? I'm still waiting on my 4. Can't wait until it gets here!!

Hope you have a great week!♥

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

That's a serious amount of silly bandz! My, oh, my! The girls look so pretty. Can't wait to hear more about the American Girl class!!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a fun post! And yes, I could live at Borders, pretty much. I actually need to have a used book store nearby also.
Have fun with your American Girl class!

Thanks for all your nice words about my blog, Cranberry Morning! :-)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh the fun you've been having over here this Summer. Man, I need to share all this great info about Borders with my married daughter. Thanks for sharing.
Your sweet pets are adorable!!!
And my girls and I LOOOOVE Anne of Green Gables. : )
Take care,

Susan said...

A Silly Bandz Swap? Really? I may be the only person around that can't stand Silly Bandz. My kids only have a few and I still refuse to buy any.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori, I'm missing seeing you already. lol Now you know why I don't participate in discussions on the home school group anymore :o) Enjoy your AG book club... I hope all the parents cooperate this time ;o)


theUngourmet said...

Those silly bands look like fun! The girls look so pretty in their dresses! I'm glad the etiquette class went well. :)