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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taggie Blankets and Huby Hats

This, my friends, is a Huby (rhymes with Ruby) hat.
Really, it's a taggie blanket with the letter "H" on it. Ruby
is "wearing" it (much to her dismay) and so we called it her
"Huby".:) See how nicely the ribbons stayed on the right?
Then take a little peekie on the left. Not so pretty...

Not to be discouraged, I tried again! The other side is
yellow fleece. I think it turned out nicely and then I added
a little toy for the baby with a baby link (Wal Mart). The
Sonic gift card is so his siblings can go to Sonic for ice
cream. Everyone is happy!

This is for a little baby girl.... The other side is flannel.
I adore flannel and Fall is just around the corner.... right?

What have you been creating? Is anyone making
Christmas presents yet?


Anonymous said...

That's cute Lori! I've been Christmas gift crafting already too. I want to enjoy Christmas this year and not feel too rushed and overwhelmed on the big day ;)

Jamie :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I think the Taggie Blankets are a great idea. You have made them beautifully. The fabric looks great and I like the little gifts you added. Ruby makes a cute model with her Huby!
I am not crafting at the moment. I can't think about Christmas yet.

Tristan said...

oh, ruby :)

Um..those are super cool!! Taylor-Austyn is obsessed with tags on things..I bet she woould love one! Are you adding them to your shop..lol..I'll have to go look!

Tristan said...

omg..she would LOOOVE it :)

her auntie Lori is the bomb :)

Might wanna just make hers a square though..lol..cause I don't think you can fit a t and an a on one..LOL.

How much?!

Olenka said...

Beautiful creations! I love the girly one (of course). I made an apron and that is about that lol. I want to start making some more aprons for Christmas presents but I can not decide on the fabrics lol

Tristan said...

well..she's gonna have to pick out auntie lori a thank you gift :)

KKJD1 said...

So cute! I have started a little Christmas crafting, I have been working on a x-stitch tablecloth. Have a great Sunday! Blessings,Karen

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I am making Christmas presents....Ok, they are cut out and awaiting stitching on my sewing table. But it's a start!
Those little taggie blankets are so cute!

Susan said...

Christmas? Really? It's been in the high 90's and close to 100 a few days. I can't think about Christmas when it's this hot. I will, however, be wishing I had thought ahead come early December when I don't know what to get anyone....

Love the Taggie blankets. Very neat! And a great idea with the Sonic card for the siblings. So very thoughtful!

Georgia Girl said...

Awhh those are adorable...

Yes been pulling out stuff this weekend to make some Christmas goodies...I want to make homemade things this year for friends and some family members.

I blogged about the Frozen French Fries you asked about.

michelle edwards joy said...

I almost went to Hobby Lobby the other day to get Christmas crafts then decided not to add to the moving madness but my fingers are itching!

Jill said...

too too CUTE!!!!- and Ruby wearing one is priceless!!! you definately made me smile today!!! :)
Happy Monday!

Fran. said...

Hey Lori! as usual you are keeping busy!! You're really getting in to your sewing!! It's fun isn't it? I am so like you about Borders!! Sim and I actually will go on a Friday night date there!! If you sign up for their Borders reward they will email you 33% and 40% coupons off a book or certain purchases!! I use them alot. And I always have my chai tea and warm chocolate chip cookie and look at all The Somerset magazines I can!! with pen and paper writing down ideals!! I love the class the girls took! We most certainly need alot of that in America right now!! How can you not fall in love with that Ruby!! She's the cutest!! Take care, XO Fran.

Heather said...

Adorable Lori....you rock.

Heather said...

Give Ruby a snug from all of us:)

Em said...

YES! I am cranking out my little clutches for Christmas but I NEED to make my niece a M taggy blanket! How stinking cute! I love that you put the teether ring on them, I never thought of that when I made mine. Brody still carries his around but the funniest part is he puts it on his head and says "hat!" haha!

Robin Beck said...

Wow Little Sis look at you go! They are really super cute and I know babies love them!
Now Ruby on the other hand...Precious little pumpkin Ruby.

mel said...

Oh my goodness, I'm still so behind on my google reader, I'm just reading this. Henry *loves* his "H", it's definitely one of his favorite toys....he's a fabric chewer in general, loves to chew blankets and such, and the kids are always saying, "Mom! Where's Henry's H?"