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Sunday, August 1, 2010

19 Hours....

Heather and her sweet family arrived yesterday!
18 hours in the car. WOW.
Before they got here, Mandy and I put together
goodie bags while Katie and Jeff ran errands. We
wanted everything to be perfect, but we all know
"perfect is boring", right?;)

Heather and I were partners in my Polka Dot Swap. This
wreath was part of her package. I wish I could take credit for
designing this, but I got the idea here. Genius.

Look at these smiling faces! Cousins by way of blogger.

Katie and Lindsey are so cute together. Fast friends.

The manly men posing by the Big Green Egg. ;)

Lindsey just had a birthday! Katie had the best time
creating this sign for her. Thanks for the idea, Nancy!

Brownie Trifle and birthday wishes.

Lots of games were played. Scooby Doo, Mario Cart
Wii, etc. Heather and I played Smarty Pants at 2 AM.
Who knew she knew about Sports?? I won two rounds,
but in the end Heather stole the title of Smarty Pants.
Until we meet again- mwa hahaha!

They actually fell asleep!

Michael was a good sport and camped on the floor.

Yes, the really did go to sleep!

Jeff made pancakes "with bugs" for breakfast. The kids
enjoyed the mini chocolate chips! (Love Michael's morning
hair- so cute!)

Crazy straws make everything fun! Oh, and see the table
runner? One of my polka dot goodies from Heather! LOVE it!

It was sticky and HOT. The kids braved the heat and
broke out their polka dot (of course) chalk. There was no
breeze. YUCK.

Mandy and Tyler have the same sense of humor and
had the best time together! Something about Cheerios and
the Lord of the Rings had them cracking up!.:)

Michael, Natalie (and Charles!) fell in love with Ruby.
Heather, you need to get them a Pug.:)

Our Girls' Night Out consisted of a trip to Walgreens and
Hobby Lobby. It was awesome. Heather makes me laugh (so
hard!) and she really "gets" me. We are so much alike and I
love that.

Come back soon, Sister. Or even better- be my neighbor.:)
Miss you.


val said...

what a wonderful visit ....the photos are precious!

Sherri said...

Lori-what a great time everyone had! I love that polka dot runner Heather made-how cute!!

Fran. said...

What an awesome post!! Kinda like two families fell in love all becuz of the world of blogs!! So many friendships are made on here!! I am so in awe of God!! Just when our country needs something good, along comes blogs, friendships and love!! XO Fran.

Kim's Treasures said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Great wreath!

Robin Beck said...

Ohhh I'm so glad you had such a nice visit with Heather and her family! I hope you are doing okay now that they have left-Such a bummer they couldn't stick around forever!

Hey-Your wreath turned out super nice!
I swear there is nothing you can't do girl!

I love your header pics! I like that you change them every once in a while like that.

I've got booger butt all this week-She's already given me a thousand kisses this morning. ♥

Love you,

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Cute wreath! Looks like everyone had a really great time!

Tristan said...


Looks like so much fun! glad you had a wonderful visit!

Lindsay-ann said...

Looks like you all had a great time and so much fun. I am very green right now!

Heather said...

we miss you guys!