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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American Girl class, Swim Team and the Duggars

I was ready to collapse this evening.
Do you run yourself ragged for your children?
They are only young for a short time.
Make every day count.

                                    I limited my classes to 6 girls for the summer. We are studying Kirsten.  She is an immigrant from Sweden and a pioneer.  You know, if I lived back then I would have just stayed in Sweden. I would not have made it to America on the boat ride.  People would have tired of my whining and thrown me overboard.  If by some miracle I did make it off the boat I would never have survived the wagon ride.  No hotels, no restaurants?  No bathrooms??  Uh, no.

                We took a field trip to a nearby museum for our first class.  The girls were able to explore a log cabin that pioneers actually lived in once upon a time, view arrow heads, try on clothes, work quilt square puzzles, etc.  It was a fun trip back in time with indoor plumbing close by!:)

              We also made yarn dolls like Kirsten gave to her Indian friend, Singing Bird and played Jackstraws (also known as Pick Up Sticks).

                For a snack I served Gingersnaps.  This is a cookie that Kirsten may have possibly eaten and enjoyed!  The girls also brought items that they crafted themselves (doll blankets/pillows, headbands, cross stitching, bracelets, etc.) for a time of bartering!  I think this was their favorite part.  

                 I remember a time when I was participating in 4/5 swaps at a time.  Way too much but they are *such* fun and I have made some wonderful friends this way. Below are pics of items that I put together for a Color Swap.  My partner loves the color pink so pink is what she received!
             A pink button bracelet...

                                     a pink banner, 

                 a set of pink Cynthia Rowley pencils...

          and pink Raspberry Lemonade soap purchased
   on etsy!

                  Oh, here is a picture of History Camp!  
     I used to hate history until I started home schooling.  Now I love it.

             Here is the package I received from my partner in the Color Swap...  I am currently crushing on turquoise and yellow.

    Daily swim team practice is cramping my style.  I do love to watch Mandy swim, though.  She is my little mermaid.  Don't tell her I said that!  She is so comfortable in the water.  Wish that would rub off on her little sister.  That's another story.  It all started when she hated getting water on her face as a toddler.  sigh...

                     I was clicking away today.  
      Pool paparazzi.
      Yes, I am *that* Mom.

                                Hi, Cutie.

                                First swim meet tonight.
          I will have butterflies.

                                Team Cheer.
         Love this.

                                Veggies are coming along in the garden. God, sunshine and water are taking care of this and yet I feel like the super star.

I bartered with a friend for weeks and weeks of farm fresh eggs in exchange for a bike.  Bartering is awesome.  Each person wins.:)

I am reading this.
No matter how you feel about this family (I *LOVE* them) you will be touched by their faith in the Lord.  It is bringing me closer to Him, too.  A true blessing.

           They have a new book out!!  I am going to purchase it at a book signing.  I am giddy, I tell you!  A fellow blogger bought a copy and everyone in the Duggar family signed it.  That is cooler than cool.

I am BIG into coupons and freebies right now.  Would you like a free Benjamin Moore pint of paint?:)


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I really enjoyed this post. The next best thing to actually being with you is seeing pictures of what you are doing. Loved seeing Mandy at the Swim Meet and Katie enjoying the American Girl classes. I find it so interesting hearing about the pioneers. I wouldn't have survived the journey either!
I will be thinking of you at The Duggars book signing. How exciting :) Please tell them they have fans in England and that we really need their show over here.

Jessica G. said...

If we lived closer together, I would sign my Boo up for your American Girl class! She loves the historical aspect of them.

And I'm glad you had such a great swap partner! You got a great package and looks like she is getting a pretty awesome one, too!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Wow Lori, you're so busy! I'm in awe of you!
I love history. The class you're doing sounds so fun.
It's funny how Mandy was keeping her eye on you while you were pool paparazzi. My kids always say, "Is that going on the blog?" And then sigh heavily.
Your swap stuff is fantastic! You know, I'm into the color pink....;)

Tristan said...

i loooove that you do the american girl classes..so fun!!

i love to go SEE history..not read about it in a silly text book,boring! lol..i shoulda been home schooled!

AND..YAYAYAYAYAYAY for getting to meet the Duggars..can't wait to hear all about it!

Fran. said...

Hi Lori I'm back!!! Playing catch up!! Wow this is a great post!! I love to barter I wish there was more of it to do!! Just like in the good ole days! I too love history! I read a Nancy Drew book on my vacation! Our vacation was so relaxing and fun! Nine days just Sim and I! Can you believe it!! Thanks for the paint coupon!! As always I wish I was closer! I watched 4 shows in a row the other night of The Duggars!! They are so sweet! I even saw their grandson one when he was born! They also showed the book signing! God is being so good to you Lori because you are faithful!! Love ya, XO Fran.

Yarni Gras! said...

great post....love everything you shared with us! I wish I was in that pool RIGHT NOW!!!! Even with the little rain we've had it is still so hot here!

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness! We are BIG Duggar fans!

I already got the new book and it is wonderfully encouraging. You will love it : )

Where is the book signing?


sara said...

Your field trip sounded so fun!

I will like any and all pink you choose to use for my button jewelry !!!! Can't wait!!!! Yay:)

Tina said...

I wish you were around when my daughter was little..she loved American Girl! She had everything to do with Josefina!
Love the Duggars! Never miss a show! Very inspiring family! Can't wait to read their new book!