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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everyday Angels

Years ago I was a preschool teacher.
I had a little girl named Happy in my class.

         She was a very sweet little girl, but not
            the "easiest" child.
  The time came for class changes and I was 
  more than happy to pass Happy on to another

               Years later, I regretted that decision.
    I could have been such a blessing to that
 child.  I am sure she would have been the same
 for me.

                                             Easiest is not always best. 
             It's just, well, easier.

Lately, my family has been unbelievably blessed by every day angels. Amazing men and women that seek out children that are often overlooked, ignored or forgotten.

 Our swim team is the underdog team.  Think Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Son in the Karate Kid.  The ones that have just begun to fight and learn.  Being the underdog is certainly not a bad thing.  But it is so much easier to work with the winners.

In life, everyone loves a winner.  Of course, winning is wonderful!  I am asking you to please not forget those who are overly challenged. Pray for the people that frustrate you, try your patience and puzzle you.  They may look "normal" but inside they are drowning.

Every day angels.  We can all be one.  Helping raise someone's confidence is a blessing to everyone involved.

 Start with children.  But don't stop there!  We all crave praise and want to please.  Take a second to say a kind word to someone.  Hold your tongue when someone takes longer than you like. It will mean way more than you know.  I know this for a fact.

 Thank you in advance.  You are all angels in my book.  Rock stars, in fact.  

     Taking the easy road is easy but predictable.
  Movies are not made about easy and 
  Root for the underdog and watch them become 
  the hero of their own story.:)


Lindsay-ann said...

This is such a beautiful post Lori. I am glad to hear your family has been blessed by these everyday angels. They truly are are amazing people and your family deserves to be treated with kindness and love. You are my every day angel :) You are always there for me with comforting words and support. My life so far has been 'taking the easy road' and as you know that's about to change and it terrfies me.
Thank you for the good advice in this post. I will try to do more of those things you suggest.

Unknown said...

Well said and needed. Thank you-

Sherri said...

Lori, I just love this post!! Everything you said is true!! I'm glad your family has been truly blessed by so many "angels"! You are an angel in my life Lori! Love you!!

Artfulife said...

Lori I love this! Thanks for the reminder.Hope you all are having a wonderful summer :)

Fran. said...

How very true Lori!! Great great advice for all of us!! Life seems to go alot better this way for all of us. Do you ever wonder how many angels you have seen in a day and don't even realize it. Sometimes I think later where did that special person come from that touched me today in some special way or another. Thanks for sharing. Love, XO Fran.

Sheri said...

AWESOME.LOVE.IT. Do you want fun things in Tampa? I wasn't clear in your post - if so I can give you some fun ideas. Have a blessed night.

Tristan said...

happy? my goodness.

this is such a post that everyone needed to read :)

val said...

This post made me cry. I was one of those drowning and Louise McMorrow was my everyday angel. She was my friend's mom and had 6 kids of her own.
I don't know how she knew I needed her...maybe it was because I talked too much, or said "I'm Sorry" CONSTANTLY...or any of the other things children who feel invisible do.
I thank God for putting me in her path.
As an adult, I try to pay it forward every day with all God's creatures.

Jerelene said...

Such a beautiful post Lori! You always amaze me with beautiful and touching posts like this...I feel your love coming through this in so many ways...I too, just in the last week have been amazed by everyday angels too:)
Love and hugs to you sweet friend, Jerelene

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Amen. And Amen.

Sheri said...

Fun Things in Tampa: Busch Gardens, ChannelSide, Ybor City, the beaches are 30 minutes away and beautiful. If they check out those areas they should be kept very busy :) xo

April said...

Hey there, Lori...sure have missed you! This was such a heart-warming post and, oh, so true! Really makes my daughter's coach had read this before she decided to quit the team. Oh, well...God has bigger plans for her!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so beautifully written. I am a Mom to a son on the autism spectrum and this just really touched me! Thanks!

Fredericksburg, Virginia