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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Such a Pleasure...

We waited in line...

                    So anxious to get our books signed...

                          There were glimpses of Jim Bob...

                    and then we heard voices.  Singing.

             The most precious way to make an entrance.
    With a hymn.
    I started crying.  Just a little.

                           Josh was on one end.
        The official greeter.:)
        He was kind and confident.  
        Just as I expected.

                     Jill sat with Jennifer and helped her
      write her name.
      So sweet.

   He is my favorite.
   Full of mischief and as darling as can be!

        This lady is Jim Bob's sister- Amy's Mom
  if you are familiar with the family.
  She looks just like her daughter- so pretty.

           People had come from all over the country
   that day.
   It was exciting!

            A friend of mine attended a conference 
   where Michelle was a speaker.
   Michelle told the crowd that she explained
   to her children that one day they would no 
   longer be a big deal, "famous"- kind of 
   like a child star.  So, they live their life 
   accordingly. "Buy used and save the rest,"
   and such. 
   Very wise lady.

     The family was absolutely lovely.  They all
 dressed up and smiled for the cameras.

          Little Jocie is on the right!(above)
   Remember when we prayed for her?
   God is so very good.

             Every person signed their name.
     It looked like a yearbook when they were

         Mackenzie, Josh's daughter, hurt her mouth
  at one point and he was right there making 
  sure she was alright.

                 Fran- This picture is for Kaitlin.:) 

        The Duggars don't watch TV.  They watch 
   their show only when it comes out on DVD.
   Sam's was playing their show on a TV in the 
  store.  Guess what the boys are staring at?:)

     Once the line was done and things were coming
  to an end they were able to "let their hair
  I could not resist taking some pictures. 
  They are so darling!  (Josh was taking pics, 
  too. They are his family, though.  I'm just a

     See the young man in the pink shirt? 
   (above)  (Sadly, I do not know all the 
   children's names.)  He was sucking the 
   helium out of the balloons and then

 I can only guess what was going to happen next.:)


Tristan said...

I really adore and try to be just like michelle because she is so sweet with her kiddos..she is just awesome!!

and pink shirt boy is josiah..haha..he is so darn cute.

i looove seeing the pics of them..how fun!

they are such an amzing family!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Thank you Lori for these amazing pictures. I felt like I was right there with you :) I love the picture of you and Katie with Michelle and Jim Bob. It must have been so exciting to chat with them all. They are such an inspirational family.

val said...

this is so neat! Just a regular (albeit LARGE) family! I watched it for awhile and they all seem so dow to earth......
Thank you for sharing these photos.....what a beautiful and handsome family!

Susan said...

What an exciting time. I enjoyed all the pictures. I've only watched the show a few times, but I'd be interested in reading the book. May have to look that one up in iBooks!

Sherri said...

Glad you had a great time!! Looks like fun!

Lori said...

Wow you got really great pictures. I love all of them. What a great opportunity for you and your daughter .. . lucky!!

Fran. said...

OH Lori I just now checked out this post! I was waiting for Kaitlin to get home from up north she was gone for 6 days with her Dad. She is asleep right now but I couldn't wait any longer!! LOL WOW that is a great picture!! Can't wait to show it to her tomorrow!! Thanks!! XO LOve, Fran.

Jerelene said...

I just love them...lucky you!!! What great photos...and Michelle looks so tiny...I guess I would be too if I ran after that many kids:) They seem so sweet and their kids do too..I bet there was a huge crowd..Would love to hear about the book after you've read it:)
Love and hugs, Jerelene

Mary said...

How fun!!!!