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Monday, July 11, 2011

9 on 10

9 on 10.
Arriving at church.
On time!

                         Children's church.
       Discussed the Bible story- The Lady 
       and the Alabaster Box.
       She gave her most prized possession, 
       precious oils, to Jesus.
       She washed His feet with her tears 
       and dried them with her hair.
       I had the children decorate a box 
       and place a piece of paper inside 
       that told what they would like to 
       give Jesus.  Something that was 
       *very* special to them.  I told them 
       it did not have to be a material
       item.  It could be their love, 
       trust,etc.  It was just between them
       and the Lord.

                              Lunch at Mellow Mushroom.
         Katie is not a fan.
         Happy Meal for her and more pizza 
         for the rest of us.:)

                            I really dig the art work there.
        Fun and very, very groovy.

                         Katie and I *love* our coupon time.
       I cut and she sorts.
       We have quite the operation going.
       She tries to get the coupons first.
       That's not part of the deal.

                           100 degrees.
        The ice rink did not even feel cold.

                      Mandy wears her ipod so she can star 
      in her own video.
      I know this because her Mom does the 
      same thing.
      Katie taught her friend to ice skate.
      Wonder if there is hope for me.

          I used to love to roller skate.
    The crazy loud music, hoping to get 
    asked to skate "couple's skate" and 
    all the calories burned.
    Never thought about the last part back

     Make your own milk shakes.
     They have a machine at the gas station!
     The girls have been dying to try this.
     Reese's Peanut Butter Cup shakes for 
     them and Mint Chocolate Chip for Jeff.

I am ready for Fall.


Anonymous said...

What great pics and I totally felt like I was there!!

I see the HP book in the pic... going to see the movie?

BTW- I love that sweater in the ice skating pic. Save it for when my daughter can wear it, can ya? ;)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I enjoyed seeing pictures from your weekend. Katie's hat is adorable and I loved the picture of Mandy skating with her i-pod. I used to love to roller skate, I wore out many a pair of roller boots in my time! Hope I can roller skate again one day but we don't have any/many places round here any more.
Sounds like Katie's sweater will have a new home when she's outgrown it! She looks so cute in it.

Sherri said...

Love these pics!!! I love Katie's chapeau!! She looks so cute! Mandy look so grown up in that pic of her skating! Glad you all had an enjoyable day! I'm ready for Fall too-these temps are unbearable!!

Erika@RaisingLeafs said...

My daughter (3) loves helping me coupon too! She likes cutting up the scrap pieces. :)

Thanks for stopping by Raising Leafs!
Looking forward to a great year on the Crew.

michelle edwards joy said...

I am ready for fall also. I have always loved summer but the last 13 days have been over 100 and we had 11 days last month over 100. We are going to start school and take off when the weather allows us to go outside.

danielle @ RLR said...

Well...gooooolly...I may have to steal the coupon with her idea! I think she'd love it. Probably not as much as she'd love that sweet little hat in the first picture, though. :)


Yarni Gras! said...

never heard of the f'real stuff but I never go into the station. I love that you go ice skating...I've never been.......