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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Skansk Grat, Apple Dancing and Bartering

American Girl Class!

          We started the day with bartering.  The girls amazed me with 
      corn husk dolls...

                                   sparkly notebooks and frames...

                                  colorful pot holders...

      stuffed matryoshka dolls, doll blankets and pillows, headbands 
    and rings...

                                     and blingy flip flops!

                               It's such fun to watch them shop.:)

                     Then, we worked in the kitchen...

           making a traditional Swedish dish that Kirsten would have
        enjoyed on a cold morning....
        (Can't wait for cold mornings to return!)

                Skansk grot (SKONE-sk groot)  - Swedish Rice Pudding
             It was yummy!  (recipe below)

         Since we didn't have the time to make a quilt we did the next 
      best thing!
      We created Paper Quilts on notecards! 
      (Purchased at TJ Maxx)

            Then, the girls painted some wooden boxes that we will 
        finish at our next class.

                It was a fun time for visiting and giggling.  Aren't girls 
          the best?:)

          Back inside, the girls practiced Apple Dancing!  It is not easy,
       let me tell you.
       Super fun to watch, though.:)

           The girls had to dance while keeping an apple from falling!

         This is the kind of fun that pioneer children had.  No TV and
       Nintendo back then!
       The girls really had a good time trying this.:)  

Skansk Grot:

1 large apple
a tsp. butter
1 cup white rice
1 cup water
3 inch cinnamon stick
4 cups milk
3 TB brown sugar
1/3 cup raisins (we skipped this)
1 tsp. vanilla

1. Skin and cut the apple into tiny pieces.
2. Use your fingers to rub butter over the bottom of your saucepan.
3.Put the rice, water and cinnamon stick into the saucepan.  Place the pan over med. heat.
4. Bring the mixture to a boil.  
5. Lower the heat until the mixture simmers. You will see tiny bubbles along the edge of the pan when it is simmering.
6. Cover the pan and simmer the rice 10-15 minutes, or until the water is absorbed.
7. Pour the milk into the saucepan.  Turn up the heat and stir until it begins to simmer.
8. When the milk begins to simmer, turn down the heat to low.  Carefully add the brown sugar, chopped apple and raisins.  Stir gently.
9. Cover the pan and allow the porridge to summer for about 45 min.  As it cooks it will thicken.  Stir it once or twice as it cooks.
10. Turn off the heat and take the pan from the stove.  Remove the cinnamon stick.  Stir in the vanilla.
11.  Pour the porridge into a bowl.  Serve it warm with cream or honey.


Celee said...

My girls would have loved your party!


Lindsay-ann said...

The Skansk Grot sounds yummy. Loved seeing this fun class Lori. Those quilt cards are really pretty. Love your bunting flags on your stairs too :) The girls are so lucky having your classes to attend. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Tristan said...

i am just dying over the cuteness and fun you are having with those girls!
girls are sooo fun!

Serendipity said...

Each time I read one of your fun American Girl parties, I think, "I have got to do that with my girls!" Fun. Fun. Fun.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Treasured, magical memories. Lucky girls!!!

val said...

hysterical, apple dancing...who knew?
bartering....I love bartering!

Jerelene said...

Hi Lori :)
You are so creative...I wish I had just a speck of that creativism :):)
Is that even a word..LOL
I LOVE the paper quilts. That would be such a lovely way to make homemade cards...very pretty!
The Skansk Grot sounds delicious too! I love rice so I will have to try that!
Glad to see that you are having so much fun...I wish we could get together :)
Blessings dear & sweet friend,
Hugs too, Jerelene

Fran. said...

Wow Lori you are so super busy! Having good times though!! Love the post below on the Fairies!! Such pretty pics!! You know I think the heat is getting all of us!! Sim and I got away and enjoyed the air conditioned room the best!! LOL Even though we were by the beautiful Lake Huron!! I love what the girls make. I also think that the bartering you are teaching them is so important! It is a lost art of people helping people. Thanks for sharing as always!! Love ya, XO Fran.