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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Please join me...

Allow me to take you on a trip...

to meet some fairies!

                                  Fairies are not easy to find.

       But on this warm summer eve, they were all together in 
     this lovely garden!

        These two precious fairies shared their icy treats with us.

                  They even taught us how to make fairy houses!

                         This lovely maiden joined in the festivities!

      I do believe that she wanted to remain in the garden with 
    the fairy folk!

Alas, there was music to be made and entertainment to be enjoyed as the night went on...

       Who is this kind and handsome man?  He seems to be a 
    fairy pack horse of some sort.:)

          It was dreamy watching the fairies work their magic.

        Pumpkins, rose petals and a tree stump.  What fairy
     dreams are made of!

   Don't you wish that you could join them?  This only happens
  once a year so you will have to mark your calendar.

                                      This little fairy is my favorite.


       The fairies had so much to do so we hurried on to the 
    next bit of fun!

            They created wind chimes for a bit of musical magic...

       It was quite warm so a quick fairy shower was enjoyed by 
    all as the sun went down...

The night came to a close as fire dancers performed and lanterns were released into the sky.  It was a magical ending to a very enchanting day.


val said...

oh what a wonderful day! I love this post....funny thing. I have a post scheduled for Saturday about fairies.....

Elise said...

That looks amazing!! How fun!! Amanda has a beautiful smile, too!!

Robin Beck said...

Wow what a fairy great time! Loved seeing all the pictures Lori. The girls are growing up so fast! Glad Mr. fairy pack horse got to go too~! Try to stay cool over there! We have rain here today but it's supposed to start warming up soon~

Anonymous said...

Ok.. I think you are relatively close to me.--- Ya'll have some fun things to attend.

Tristan said...

how do you find all these fun things to do!!!??

LOVE it!! Sweet fairies!

Lindsay-ann said...

Loved coming on the virtual trip with you Lori. Thank you :) The fairies you found were so pretty and their houses really cute. I wish I could have seen the fire dancers and the lanterns with you all.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely magical! makes me want to play with my own little fairies :)

Sherri said...

What lovely and magical fairies!!! Love them all!

Jerelene said...

Looks like everyone had fun!! What lovely fairies too :)
Hope you are staying cool...I'm thinking it might be possible to actually melt..LOL
We've had an excessive heat warning here all week. My poor chickies are SO hot. I don't think it would make my hubby happy for me to bring them in though :)
Stay cool..
Love and hugs, Jerelene

Serendipity said...