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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harriet Beamer Rides the Bus Book Review

Harriet Beamer Rides the Bus is one of the dearest books I have ever read.  Joyce Mangin has created an adventurous, funny, brave and utterly endearing character in Harriet.  At the age of 72 she sets out to fulfill her dreams and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she inspired you to do the same.:)  When was the last time you thought about your dreams?  Carpe Diem!

Journey with Harriet as she travels across the country- Pennsylvania all the way to California- by bus, motorcycle, helicopter and train.  Moving in with her son and daughter and law was not Harriet's choice but she is bound and determined to take the trip "her" way! It's a wild ride with adventures at every turn!  You will love meeting people along the way- characters of all kinds.:)  Most you will love while others will make you cry and some will even make you angry.  God is always close by providing direction (and angels!) whenever necessary.

I especially loved reading the letters Harriet wrote to her husband as she shared her adventure with him.  The sweet relationship Harriet has with her basset hound, Humphrey, is precious, too.  As a fellow dog lover I know it's hard to be apart from your fuzzy friend!  Joyce Magnin does an amazing job describing the accomodations, modes of transportation and the people in her book.  You will truly feel like you are there with Harriet and it's thrilling!  I particularly loved Harriet's first bed and breakfast experience and when she stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel- one of my dreams.:)  Let's not forget her overnights on the train- another thing I would like to try one day.  Every day was one big adventure- just like life.  

Aging and widowed Harriet Beamer insists she’s getting along fine with her dog Humphrey in Philadelphia … until she falls for the fourth time, injuring her ankle and causing her son and daughter-in-law to cry foul.

Insisting Harriet move in with them in California, they make a bet that her ankle is broken and she foolishly promises to move if they’re right. Four X-rays later, Harriet’s ankle – and her heart – are broken. She packs up, ships her huge salt-and-pepper-shaker collection to California, and prepares to move away from the only life she knows.

The catch? She’s doing it her way. Just wait until her daughter-in-law hears Harriet will travel cross-country only by public transportation and alternate means. What follows is a hilarious, heartwarming journey by train, metro bus, taxi, and motorcycle. Along the way, Harriet discovers that although her family thinks it’s time for her to be put out to pasture, God has a different plan. You can read Harriet's blog on her journey.

About the Author:
Joyce Magnin is the author of five novels, including the popular and quirky Bright’s Pond series and the middle grade novel “Carrying Mason.” She is a writing instructor and frequent conference speaker. Joyce lives in Pennsylvania with her son, Adam, and their crazy cat, Mango, who likes to eat nachos.

Stop by the Harriet Beamer Blog for a chance to win a copy of Harriet Beamer Rides the Bus!  I loved this book and I'm quite sure you will, too.

*I was given a copy of Harriet Beamer Rides the Bus in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.:

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