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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Growing Up Ziglar Book Review

Growing Up Ziglar
Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar Norman often says her dad is the king of 'doing life right' and she is the poster child for 'doing life wrong.'

For over a quarter of a century she lived every day with regret, shame, guilt, and depression. But she was the daughter of the motivator's motivator, Zig Ziglar, and knew that she needed to be positive. So she gathered up all her negative self-talk and squashed it deep down inside where it couldn't ruin the bright and practiced smile she presented to the world.

'People might assume Zig Ziglar's daughter would automatically grow up to have a positive attitude,' Julie says. 'For a large portion of my life, I was just positive I was miserable!'

Her powerful and heartwarming story will move readers to laughter and tears. Mostly it will renew their faith in God's power to redeem all the wrong choices and bring them full circle to hope and healing. Julie urges readers not to settle for okay when God has true joy waiting for them. She shares tools to equip them to make the changes needed to find true freedom in every area of life.

My Thoughts on Growing Up Ziglar

Julie Ziglar Norman has written a book filled with hope.  Much of her life as filled with "doing life wrong" despite the fact that her father (Zig Ziglar) motivated many people to live positively.    Julie's life was a track record of bad choices (alcohol abuse, promiscuity, abortion, and divorce) and shame was her constant companion.  She knew the Lord as her Savior but felt that she was beyond helping.  A lost cause, if you will.

For most of her life Julie's father told her that, "You have to be the right kind of person to succeed in life.  You have to be before you can do.  You have to do before you can have."  For a long time she wondered exactly what he meant.  What did it mean to be the "right person"?  I wondered the same thing?  Am I the "right person"??

The "right person" is someone who loves to help people in need without strings attached.  Years ago a couple helped me when I was in a car accident.  Not only did they stop their car, they also told me they saw everything and it "wasn't my fault".  Then they gave me their car phone (the first people I had ever seen with a cell phone!) and had me call my parents.  That was a HUGE blessing to me at 18 years old!  They are an example of the "right" people and I will never forget what they did for me.

Julie's book is a story of forgiveness that would bless any person.  Julie learned to forgive herself as she learned that God loved her despite her flaws.  He forgave her and wanted her to do the same.  Her life story is one that echoes many people's and will bring hope to many that have lost hope for the future.  Julie strives to be the "right person" and guides us through stories and examples on how to do the same.

Julie Ziglar Norman is the daughter of Zig Ziglar and for 20 years has been his personal editor. With a background in sales and business management, Julie has become a dynamic international motivational speaker. She lives in Texas with her husband, Jim, and continues the Ziglar legacy of encouragement.
*I received a copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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