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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

january loves to read

The Grow Your Blog party was just my cup of tea!  Not a hint of name dropping, back stabbing, spouse swapping (yikes!) or catty whispering behind anyone's back.  So refreshing!  I made some lovely new friends and delighted in discovering their fabulous and inspiring blogs.  (By the way, if you haven't entered my giveaway, be sure to do so before February 14th.)

Being the book lover that I am, I asked everyone who entered my giveaway to name their favorite book.  I know that's an almost impossible task for some, but the answers were wonderful!  There were a number of my own favorites mentioned such as Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery), The Help (Stockett),  The Hobbit (Tolkein) and Sam's Letter's to Jennifer (Patterson).

Then I came to the books that were new to me.  Today I downloaded a sample of each and every one of them on my kindle.  You bet I did!  Perhaps you'd like to do the same?  Hmmmm?

M.K.'s choice was The Last Chronicle of Barset by Trollope.

Sharon's choice was The Book Thief.  One of my personal favorites!  You can take a peek at my Book Thief party here.

M.K also mentioned A Tuscan Childhood.

Teresa has me intrigued about Choose to Be Happy.  So inspiring!

Mary Ann has read Ahab's Wife quite a few times.  Sign of a great book!

A Spirit of Simplicity mentioned The Snow Child.  Based on a Russian fairy tale.

Rhoda adores Gathering Blue.  YA is for all ages in my book.:)

Lindsay loves The Stonybridge series, and so do I.  I'm reading the newest release right now and falling in love with the characters all over again.

DebraKay told me about Still Life with Crows- a thriller!

Anitha had quite a few favorites (like me!) and one of them was The Sunflower.

Sharmayne recommended The Quilter's Daughter.

It's D.E.A.R. Time 
(Drop. Everything. and. Read!)


Sharmayne said...

Yes, yes, and Yes.......the blogs were just such a treasure and a delight and made me realise just how much more I enjoy Blogland than Facebook!! And what a great idea to download samples of the books!!!! Love that idea!!!
Big hugs to a new friend

Jeanne said...

Great to have all of these suggestions, and am just finishing downloading A Tuscan Childhood on my nook. I do love Italy, and have also enjoyed reading Frances Mayes who recommmended this and wrote the foreword.... so ..... here goes.... thanks for all of the suggestions. I definitely commented on your GYB entry, and followed you too... did I have to put in a book.... Will go back and put one in.

M.K. said...

"Drop Everything And Read" -- I love that! I'm sad to admit that I simply don't read as much as I did 30 years ago. That was before the internet and truly that darned screen has interrupted so much in life. I still read every day, but I read for such brief minutes before bed. Gone are the days when I sit and read for 2 or 3 hours -- or a whole day. Ah well.
About Trollope -- please don't worry if he's not your cup of tea. He's Victorian. He's long-winded. It's just that I feel I know him personally, and for some reason his style is my preference. That book particularly is LONG, but the character of Rev. Crawley is so pitifully painted, and he is so wonderfully complex -- Trollope's characters are not fiction, they are not overblown like Dickens's. He has such a fine brush.
And I don't read fiction as I used to, which is why I gravitate often to non-fiction autobiographical accounts, like A Tuscan Childhood. If you enjoy that kind of thing, it will please you. There are SO many good autobiographical tales from the early 20th C. that I've enjoyed. Happy reading!

Mary Annn Potter said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed seeing what others are reading and got some great ideas. Have a blessed, bountiful, book-filled day!

Tristan said...

Next week..I am jumping back into reading..I miss it, but I was planning DISNEY :)

I can't wait to hear if you adore the book too..I just love it!!

Laura said...

Thank you for compiling this wonderful list of titles.

I need a good book right now, and now I know where to start!

Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

White Spray Paint

Tina said...

Thanks for the compilation. Marked the post to come back when in need for a new book ;-)

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

If you decide to do another post on this, I highly recommend The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. It is about a boy named Vlad who has to keep his vampire urges under control while dealing with the pressures of school. He has a secret: his mother was human, but his father was a vampire. With no idea of the extent of his powers, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings and his enlarged fangs. He must confront the secrets of the past while battling forces that continue to threaten his life. The Slayer Chronicles is another series about one of Vlad's friends Joss (he won't be mentioned until 2nd or 3rd book of Chronicles of Vladimir Tod). It's basically about Joss McMillan, whose perfect life crashes down the night he witnesses his sister’s murder — at the hands of a vampire. He then finds out his family’s secret heritage: They are part of the Slayer Society, a group whose mission is to rid the world of vampires. Joss is their new recruit. As Joss trains, bent on seeking revenge for his sister, he discovers powers that could make him the youngest, strongest Slayer in history. But there is a traitor in the Society, one whose identity would shake Joss to the core . . . if the traitor doesn’t kill him first. Hope you enjoy these two recommendations as well!


~ Toni ~ said...

Thank you very much for mentioning my favorite book, A Tendering in the Storm, and getting the word out about Jane Kirkpatrick. She is a fascinating woman who does extensive research before writing her books. I hope that you enjoy the book. It is the second book in the Change & Cherish series but Jane does a wonderful job writing the books in a series that they could be standalone books.