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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heart Failure by Richard Mabry, M.D.- Medical Suspense!

My Thoughts:

Heart Failure begins with a bang- literally.  Dr. Carrie Markham and Adam Davidson, newly engaged, are victims of a drive by shooting.  Is it a random act of violence or something more sinister?  We soon discover that Adam is not who he pretends to be.  He's running for his life and the clock is ticking…

Richard Mabry, M.D. delivers his readers an exciting mystery suspense novel with an insider's look into the medical profession.  I was impressed by his ability to see both sides of the story- the doctor and the patient's perspective.  God is the central focus of the main characters in Heart Failure, something you don't see every day.  It's an excellent example of a book that is exciting and compelling without resorting to foul language, drugs, explicit material, etc.  While the beginning and ending of Heart Failure gave me a thrilling adrenalin rush there were a few parts that dragged on a bit in the middle.  For the most part, the book kept me guessing and turning pages quickly.  Shootings, ER drama, dark family secrets, romantic tension and more will keep your heart pounding!

More About Heart Failure:

Not even Witness Protection could keep him safe . . . but he’ll do anything to keep the woman he loves out of danger.

Dr. Carrie Markham thought Adam Davidson was the perfect fiance. But that was before a drive-by shooting led to his confession that he’s a defector from the witness protection program and is now running for his life. Adam isn’t the man she thought he was, and every moment she spends with him seems to bring her closer to her own death.

Adam must convince Carrie he’s innocent and figure out who’s trying to kill him. She must decide if her love for him is real—and whether he’s worth the risk.

And the clock is ticking.

*I was given this book by Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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