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Saturday, February 1, 2014

february is all heart

2014 is moving along swiftly.
As you nestle in for the sweet month of February, here's a bit of inspiration for you and those you love...

1- Family Care Week- Select a member of your family (draw names) and surprise them with good deeds.  Keep it a secret!  Make their bed, complete one of their chores, leave a tiny wrapped gift for them.  I'm thinking of doing this once a month.  Delightful!

2- Light candles when you take a bath.  Use them as your only light source.  Do this for your children.  Imagine the peacefulness.  Perhaps you'll even be inspired to use bubbles or essential oils.  Just the thought of this makes me feel relaxed.

3- Tie a ribbon around your kitchen faucet.  Each time you see it, realize how blessed you are.  Be grateful no matter what is happening at that moment.  It's so easy to overlook our blessings.

4- Create a Wheel of Housework- Label the spinner (like a game) with rooms in your house.  Spin the wheel and have everyone pitch in and clean up whatever room it lands on.  Play fun music and make it fun!  Genius.

5- Have each member of your family plan 1 dinner a month.  I hate planning dinner so this takes the pressure off of me, at least for a few nights.;)

6- Tape money to the bottom of trash cans.  Whoever takes out the trash gets the $$$!

7- Show love to someone who receives little of it.  Perfect for any time of year, but especially this month.  Make cookies, create a card, invite them for a home-cooked dinner.  Everyone will be blessed.

8- Experience calm when you get into your car.  If yours is cluttered (like mine) clean it out- today.    Remove the mess and add baby wipes (good for so many things), a few granola bars, some bottled water and hand lotion.  Be good to yourself.

9- Since my grandfather passed away, I've always been my grandmother's valentine.  People who've lost a loved one- especially their spouse- need special attention on Valentine's Day.  It doesn't require a lot of money, just a bit of time and a little effort.

10- Give yourself a gift.  What would make you feel special, pampered, and renewed?  A massage, Starbucks and a good book, an afternoon nap?  You deserve it, so go ahead and indulge!

11- Brew up some hot tea and make some cookies.  Then, sit and talk with your family about their dreams and wishes for this year.  Where should you go on vacation?  What do you want to plant in your garden?  Turn off electronics and connect with the people that mean the most to you.  It's important.

12- If it's not too cold, go out for a family walk/hike.  It's amazing how much easier it is to have a heart to heart talk when distractions are at a minimum.  Perhaps it's your turn to just listen.

13- Plan a Date with your husband.  It can be during the day!  Get a babysitter (or swap days with a friend for watching the little ones) and sneak away for a bit.  I'm going to make this more of a priority in my home.

14- Gather some friends and enjoy a Scavenger Hunt! We did this once during a family reunion and also for a birthday party.  Everyone had the most wonderful time!

15- Read a book along with your child(ren).  The Secret Garden, The Hobbit, Nancy Drew, etc.  Pick one of your favorites and read it aloud by the fire, if you like.  You can also pick up the audio at your local library to enjoy in the car.

Don't attempt to fill every minute of your day.  It's impossible to complete everything on your to-do list.  You'll just wear yourself thin and no one will want to be around you!

 Select a few of these ideas, if you like.  I hope they give you joy and make your day a bit more lovely.

*Some of the above ideas came from the book, Busy But Balanced.  I discovered it at my library years ago and joyfully purchased a copy for myself.  If you see a copy when you're out and about, I recommend you pick it up.  Only used copies available now on amazon.*


M.K. said...

That's a great list of ideas, Lori! A few of those we do already, and do often. The $$ taped to the trash can -- genius! Why didn't we think of that years ago? The boys would have been fighting over that chore! I think more candles in the bathroom is gonna happen very soon :) You're right -- 2014 is flying by. January is already gone!

Rho said...

Love this post!?! I love the pictures of Amanda and Katie of when they were little. They are super duper cute! Please post more posts on Valentines Day (or related).

Robin Beck said...

Great ideas! ❤️❤️❤️

Lindsay-ann said...

So many wonderful ideas here Lori and so beautifully illustrated. Lindsay x

Lindsay-ann said...

So many wonderful ideas here Lori and so beautifully illustrated. Lindsay x

Mary Ann Potter said...

Delightful, creative ideas!

Sheri said...

You are ready for a month of Love :) xoxo

Deborah Montgomery said...

Wonderful ideas here. Your family is blessed to have you. Going to check out the book you mentioned.

Shawnee said...

Love this -- such fun ideas. Great pictures, too. The girls are getting to big and still so adorable.

I need that cute red/white cup and saucer!