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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On Her Toes

Ballet Intensive auditions are in full swing.
So hard to believe that my youngest is old enough to take part this year.

Basically, an intensive is a camp for dancers.  A variety of classes are held all day long and the students dance, dance, and then dance some more.

Heaven for a dancer.

Chaperones lead field trips, too.  Shopping, museums, amusement parks and the like.

Most schools only offer a few spots, though.  The best ones are highly selective- just like a college.  Pricey, too.;)

Of course, you can't show up without a head shot!  And a picture of your daughter in arabesque- on pointe.  Thought this would be a piece of cake...

As you can see, we played around with lots of different looks and had a bit of fun, too. :)

Art was removed from the walls and furniture was rearranged.  This counted as my workout for the day.  (smile)

If Snookie, our cat, or Ruby, our pug, got in the way they quickly became a prop.;)

I'm not sure how I feel about Katie being away from us for 2-5 weeks.

She's never even been to summer camp.

She's quite capable, though, and very independent.

I can only imagine the wonderful experiences she'll have in her life.  But I want them to be her dreams, not mine.

As a parent, that's the question, right?

Where do our dreams stop and their dreams start?

So many of us live through our children.  

It's like a second chance at getting it "right".

We just need to keep in mind that we're here to guide them...

but still allow them to choose their own adventures.

Most of them.;)


Jeanne said...

Beautiful shots of your daughter. wow! 5 weeks would be a long time. Sometimes that is a hard call to tell the difference between your dreams, and your childs dreams.... You have to pray for alot of wisdom in every aspect of parenting. Your daughter though is just lovely.... bet she can tell you the answer to that question. Keep us posted.

MaryAnn Potter said...

Simply lovely photos! I know you're a proud mama! I loved ballet lessons when I was young, too, and I loved tap dancing even more. Yes, our children live their own dreams. There's an old saying about giving your children roots and wings. We know that the Lord takes care of every precious detail. Hallelujah!

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

I am so glad to see that Katie is having fun with the ballet shots you took of her. Summer camp sounds super duper fun and I am sure that she will have a great time. I think that if she continues her career in Ballet, she will have more experience and I hope that she will have the chance to get herself out there. She should try out for America's Got Talent or something so she can get some great feedback on her movements. I am sure she'll do good as a dancer and I am excited for her! As a recommendation of a great artist to listen to is Lindsey Stirling who is a very talented violinist and mixes her songs with dubstep. You should listen to her music and have Katie dance to her for practice before leaving for summer camp! Although, I want to be a writer, it's sort of like dancing or ballet because their are times where writers have to do their best like dancers do. Best wishes to you guys!


Beth said...

Your daughter is lovely, Lori. Her journey reminds me of my niece who has done the summer intensives in NYC (Joffrey and American Ballet Theatre), Boca Raton, and Oklahoma City. She is going to Harid Conservatory, a boarding school where ballet is a big part of her days. Good luck to Katie! I know you are very proud of her. :)

M.K. said...

What an event in her life ... in your life! Ballet is so incredibly elegant, and what a sport! Her form is lovely. As you say, she'll certainly have a great time. Or, if she doesn't, then she'll have learned more precisely what she loves and what she doesn't. My girl is an artist. I want to encourage her as much as I can - even push - but not too much. Provide opportunities, but not twist her arm. It's hard! May your girl find God's leading each day she's away.

Unknown said...

What a darling post... I love it! Katie is gorgeous. I remember my days on point, too! xo

Tina said...

Beautiful girl! Seems like the two of you had a great time together! And I am sure she will have a great time in summer camp and will make lots of precious experiances - and you will suffer ;-) at home. I am completely impressed by the pic with her sitting on the tips of her toes and the arms around her knees... Wow!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Katie is beautiful. What a wonderful opportunity for her.

Tristan said...

She is so pretty! A perfect ballerina!!
Live your dreams sweet girl!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, I am sure that it's both your dream and Katie's dream. She looks so happy in these pictures that it's obvious she loves ballet and it's her life. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, you must be so proud. Hope I get to see my niece perform one day. Lindsay x