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Mysteries, polka dots, California Rolls, TJ Maxx, cozy blankets, rainy days and getting the first spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar make me smile. Spiders, rude people, cold fingers and toes, baby leashes, people that don't wrap their packages before going to the Post Office, poison ivy and Math (pretty much all of it) make me want to scream. My perfect day would be spent with my wonderful husband and sweet girls- watching movies in our jammies! Of course, having the movie theater to ourselves would be great, too. Please pass the popcorn and M&M's.:) I am saved by the grace of God. He is my constant companion and hears my every prayer. What a blessing! I'd love to hear from you! Lori at toosillysisters@cox.net

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Fan Club

   Did you know that I have my own fan club complete with cheerleaders??  It's a small group, actually there are only 2 members, but they are amazing!  They are my daughters, Mandy and Katie.  They encourage me when I am feeling low (bathing suits, anyone?) and point me in the right direction when I lose my focus in life ("Mom, Don't be a slave to garage sales."  "Don't you think God would like you to spend more time reading the Bible instead?")  They are always on hand to give me massages and to brush my hair (my favorite de-stressers!) or to go shopping (who doesn't LOVE that?).  I pray that I can be as encouraging to them when they need it, and even when they don't.  I hope they know that I am their #1 fan, too and as long as they don't expect cartwheels and flips, I am also their #1 cheerleader.:-)


The Dragovich 5 said...

Go girls go! Go girls go! GOOOOOO Lori!

Jeri Anne said...

Hi, Lori. I just discovered that you visited and commented on my blog and I didn't know it till now! Thanks for visiting! I love your blog. It looks like we like a lot of the same things. The only difference is you have 2 girls and I have 3 boys. I know what you mean by having a cheering squad(only I think you would call it something else for boys, right?). They are my biggest fans (that is until they start getting into girls:)! They always try to make me feel better and tell me they will pray for me and give me hugs! They are just as addicted to yard sales as I am though, so they don't tell me not to be slave to them! Well, I will definitely be visiting again! God Bless! P.s. What exactly is the swap you are forming?

sue said...

The first picture of Mandy is gorgeous! She looks really grown up (sorry) and the photographer (you, I'm assuming) captured an amazing moment in time. Keep up the beautiful work.